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Why Small Businesses Are Sticking With Facebook

Small business owners are on to something big by staying with Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. With over 1.86 billion users each month and a 17% increase in users of the past two years, a small business owner is certain to get plenty of publicity and advertisement for their company.

Advertising your small business on social media, particularly Facebook, you have to ensure that you take a very distinctive marketing approach. With so many potential customers available, it can be hard to find exactly which area you and your business actually belong. Below are some tips on how small business owners can make the most out of their marketing plan through the use of Facebook:

  • Facebook advertising can increase the quality of sales: You can access your intended viewers by putting together a Facebook tactic that is well thought out and organized. It does not mean that you will get bigger fish out of a larger pond – you will need to work hard to show your potential customers that you are capable and your business can serve their needs better than any other business – using social media and Facebook as a way to broaden your range.
  • Adds value to the organization: When you make Facebook your business ‘go-to’ place to get a steady supply of information, you are also increasing your audience’s awareness while nurturing their needs by providing them with a steady resource through Facebook and social media.
  • Facebook allows your business to keep up with the fast pace of commerce. When you have the use of a strong social media tool, such as Facebook, you are able to track and listen to any social dialogue concerning your business, the competition, and the entire industry. It is a good idea to increase your listening power before speaking out.
  • A more professional system of recruitment: It is never easy to recruit new employ However, when doing so through a social media outlet, such as Facebook, it seems to make the task less daunting to discover the top talents available. It also makes finding and recruiting top-notch employees that much easier when you can reach out to their social networks on Facebook.
  • Learning how to grow your business smarter: Facebook can aid you in reducing agitation, putting a limit on spending costs, and increasing business assets. Social media can help your business to ‘work smarter, not harder’.

Facebook has millions of people to help small business connect with potential buyers and business leads. Small business owners prefer doing business on Facebook as it does not cost anything extra for a marketing campaign and the potential for targeting a new audience and growth for the business is very promising. Facebook has additional applications that allow the small business to connect with their consumers.

Facebook Provides Tools For Small Business Goals

With over two billion people connecting on Facebook each month, it is no wonder why small businesses prefer to use Facebook as their main outlet for their marketing ad campaigns. Friends and family go online to Facebook and can easily see your business. They can ‘like’ and ‘follow’ your page to see what you have to offer. They can even ‘share’ it with their friends who can then follow through to your business’s website to check out further. This is only one of the ways that Facebook can help a small business create a larger target audiences and business prospects.

Facebook Has Huge Marketing Capabilities To Small Business Owners

If used correctly, Facebook can prove to be an excellent marketing source for small businesses. The process of setting up a marketing campaign on Facebook can be a bit intimidating at first as you don’t want to post too much information too quickly. But then how much information is too much? What should you post and how often are two questions small business owners often ask when starting a new marketing campaign on the social media giant. Below are some tips for posting a new marketing campaign on Facebook for your small business community:

  • Facebook helps the small businessperson to show what type of customer is the perfect customer they want to attract to the business site by creating content that will interest them.
  • Facebook allows small business owners to get to know their customers. By learning what the average age, gender, and location of your customer base is and what are their likes, hates, and most interested in.
  • Facebook allows you to create the sort of customer base you most likely want to attract. When starting a new Facebook marketing campaign, you want to bring in new customers by creating content that will meet their preferences. You can design the type of customer qualities by creating content that will focus on a certain client personality and which feels consistent and fused.
  • As a small business, you can ask your customers to post their comments about the business, such as rating the customer service they received while visiting the business, this can give you an idea of where improvements are due.
  • The use of Facebook can help your small business create the image and voice you want to be associated with your business. The tone of voice that a brand has speaks volumes when on social media. Your brand’s tone of voice needs to be a direct reflection of how you want the company, its products and employees to be perceived by your customers and even other businesses. Facebook can help you achieve this by using an effective marketing campaign.

Small businesses will continue to use Facebook and social media as their go-to marketing strategy as long as the customers who visit their fan page are posting information that is helpful to the way they do business.  Facebook is the best way to get everyone’s voice heard, the brand, the consumer’s and the business owner.  With the assistance of Facebook and social media, a small business can become very successful in the world of commerce.


Teresa Jenkins
Teresa Jenkins
Marketing expert and freelance writer for CBT News

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