The social media secrets of XO Marshmallow’s sweet success – Lindzi Shanks

Today’s episode of The Small Business Show explores how social media can significantly enhance your business’s visibility. We are joined by Lindzi Shanks, the co-founder and co-CEO of XO Marshmallow, located in Chicago, Illinois. XO Marshmallow boasts over 450,000 followers on TikTok and has garnered more than 11 million likes on its videos. As the world’s first Marshmallow cafe, it has been featured in prominent outlets like WFTV and Bake Magazine.

Key Takeaways

1. XO Marshmallow swiftly integrated social media into its branding strategies, leveraging bright colors online that resonate well with viewers. Another key aspect is the effective use of behind-the-scenes content, which Shanks explains as crucial for presenting their unique product to intrigued yet unfamiliar audiences.

2. Social media humanizes the brand, showcasing the people behind it who actively engage with potential customers. Video content, particularly voice-overs, ASMR videos, and oddly satisfying clips has become the cornerstone of the Cafe’s online presence, attracting a broad audience and driving sales.

3. Shanks emphasizes the importance of user feedback and engagement, noting that customer comments often inspire new ideas and product offerings and foster a sense of inclusivity and connection across diverse audiences.

4. While social media has been pivotal in driving marketing efforts over the past eight years, 2024 marks the first year XO Marshmallow has ventured into paid marketing, a decision influenced by the platform’s undeniable impact on its success.

5. However, navigating social media’s uncertainties requires extensive trial and error. Shanks stresses the need for a consistent social media strategy beyond viral moments, highlighting the ongoing effort required for sustained engagement and growth.

"Social media has revolutionized our ability to connect with customers on a personal level, something traditional media couldn't achieve" – Lindzi Shanks

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