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Four Tips to Follow with Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

One of the key points of living in the Age of Information is the digitalization of most information. Today, people prefer to look online for merchandise instead of walking around malls or brick-and-mortar retail locations. Naturally, the next step is to bring the product to the customer directly. This is why email marketing campaigns are currently so important in almost any business vertical. But there’s a wide difference between just adding people to your list and managing your digital campaign as well as possible. Here are the best 4 tips to follow with your next email marketing campaign.


One of the important factors in having a successful marketing campaign is time consistency. If you want your email campaign to succeed, you need to either automate your email responses or gather information on when your customers are the most responsive to emails.

Set an initial blueprint (such as sending emails every Monday at 2 p.m.) and follow it for a while. You’ll get results, but since you’ll still have nothing to compare them to, they’ll just be a blueprint as well. After a while, change up the time blueprint and see if there are different results. Compare the results, see which are the best, and make that time blueprint the standard for your email campaign.

Keep strong emotions out of business

When writing emails, keep the typography as professional as possible; for instance, use popular fonts, standard font size, and proper punctuation. Don’t write in all caps (WHICH IS ASSOCIATED WITH YELLING AT CUSTOMERS), don’t overuse exclamation marks (because it looks invasive!!!), and don’t underline everything in bold or italic because such underlining should be reserved for crucial information ONLY.

Emails should be concise

Emails are not there for casual conversation; there are social media platforms such as Facebook or Skype for casual posts. Emails are reserved for business inquiries, so keep all chit-chat and mingling out of them. Simply provide all the necessary information with proper typography and be done.

Be professional

If you followed the steps presented so far, this one should be self-explanatory. If you mind your timing, use proper typography, write in a clear manner and to the point, you should be well positioned to run a successful email campaign.

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