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5 Low-Cost Franchises in Growing Industries

The benefits of operating your own business are many.  When you own your business, you get to follow your passion on a schedule of your choosing.  Business ownership means selecting the employees and suppliers who work best with your leadership style. In general, entrepreneurship means greater challenges, risks and rewards. If you’re a little more risk averse but still want the freedom of navigating your own financial course, a franchise business may be the solution for you. A franchise allows you to own a business while you receive operations and marketing support from an experienced parent company. Need ideas for franchise businesses in growing industries?  Here are 2018’s top five low-cost franchises.

SiteSwan Website Builder

As employment prospects remain tenuous, many Americans have decided to operate their own businesses on a full or part-time basis. In today’s technology age, every start-up needs its own professionally designed website. If you have an eye for clean, attention-grabbing web design, then the SiteSwan website builder franchise can give your entrepreneurial dreams wings. According to the parent company, you don’t need programming skills or technical experience. The turnkey website building software is easy to use, and owners get training and sales support. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), website development is a career field that is growing faster than average.  You can open your SiteSwan website builder franchise for $300.


Another job category that is growing at a faster-than-average rate is home health care. These people care for elderly, injured or permanently disabled people who want the independence of living at home rather than in an assisted living facility. Seniors are living longer with the help of modern medical care, and they provide a built-in market for home care aides. If you like helping the elderly with quality home health services, you could open your own home care business. The Start Up Home Care franchise will help you to establish a business that cares for ailing people and generates skilled, in-demand jobs for others in your community. The Start Up Home Care franchise costs $17,500.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Clean office and retail spaces are reflections of a company’s brand. Regular commercial cleaning keeps windows shining, lights bright and floors free of debris. The results are a more productive work and sales environment.  With the Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Service franchise, you can partner with businesses to build their marketplace reputations by offering them comprehensive janitorial services. The Office Pride cleaning franchise Franciseoperates on faith-based principles of integrity, ethics and excellence. The parent company provides extensive operational, marketing and sales training to franchise owners. You can get started with this franchise for $35,000.


Drones are being used in a variety of industries from real estate to logistics, and drone pilots are in demand. This emerging career field allows you to work with high-tech electronics and photography equipment to help companies capture hard-to-get, aerial photos and videos. The Hommati franchise lets you turn your drone piloting hobby into a full-fledged business. With Hommati, you earn your drone pilot license and market your skills to real estate agents. Both the fields of commercial drone pilots and real estate sales are growing at normal rates according to the BLS. You can expect to pay $25,000 to start your Hommati franchise.

Club Z Tutoring

Some people have the talent for explaining complex concepts in simple terms, but they never pursued their teaching credentials. If this is the story of your life, you have a second chance to impart knowledge to young minds with the Club Z Tutoring franchise. This franchise allows you to hire educators who perform in-home or online tutoring in a variety of subjects. The tutoring franchise covers a wide customer base that includes preschool students to college-bound young adults. The cost of starting a Club Z Tutoring franchise is $30,000.

Final Thoughts

These franchises represent business opportunities for a variety of interests and budgets. With the right attitude and skills, 2018 could be your year to make your entrepreneurial aspirations a reality.

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