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Discover the Marketing Trends This Entrepreneur Is Using to Expand His Reach – Ryan Sauers, ‘Our Town Gwinnett”

It’s been proven the companies that develop a marketing plan tend to retain higher, stronger, and more effective results than those that do not. Typically, companies would hire a marketing, sales, or a content expert as a solution, but with marketing strategies constantly changing in modern business, it’s not often that you find a jack of all trades within the industry. That is until you meet our next guest. With nearly 20 years of marketing experience, he’s created multiple companies, became a national keynote speaker in marketing, and has launched a highly successful podcast platform. Today we welcome to the studio, Ryan Sauers

In his effort to reach the community, Ryan leads his magazine company “Our Town Gwinnett” to inform, educate, and inspire the residents of Gwinnett, and neighboring counties as well. His publication is family and community-based, which is designed for them to walk away with a positive feel and image of their area. 

Sauers also spends much of his time as a marketing expert as he has been successful on social media and podcasts, outside of print. He states that the biggest trend in marketing going on right now is human-to-human. The significance of this is to build trust with those you would consider to be your customers or consumers. As he continues to apply this approach within his own work and business strategies, he advises others within the marketing industry to waste no time and do the same. 

To find out more about Ryan Sauers and “Our Town Gwinnett” magazine, be sure to watch the full interview above.

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