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Why You Need to Stop Trying to Hire Good Salespeople – Mike Gomez, Allegro Consulting

On this episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, we sit down with Mike Gomez, Founder and President of Allegro Consulting to talk about the importance of implementing a solid sales process within your business and the type of salespeople you would need to accomplish that.

Mike GomezHaving done a large amount of work in the Atlanta Tech Village and with companies in and outside of Atlanta, Mike says he has come to the conclusion that any good salesperson already has a job. He says “stop trying to hire good salespeople”, because unless you are planning to pull them away from another company, which can become costly, they’re not out there and they’re not available. Instead, a much more productive and positive outcome for your business would be to look for someone who has the right characteristics to make a good salesperson, whether this is bringing someone in from outside your business or promoting from within.

A better use of a business’ time and resources would be finding someone who understands business or your own company’s business solution, and who understands your customer, and either promote this employee or bring this person in and teach them your sales process in order to make them a good business development individual for your company. However, doing this also assumes that your company has planned and fully implemented a sales process; something that not all business can say.

Mike says that having a solid and communicated sales process allows you to be able to engage with your salespeople in a constructive and useful way, making it easier and more efficient for you to understand where your sales are coming from and where they are going to materialize.

To hear more about constructing a solid sales process for your business and recruiting the talent to implement it check out the full interview with Mike Gomez above.

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