Manage Your BusinessManagementSuccessful Task Management is the Path to Improved Efficiency

Successful Task Management is the Path to Improved Efficiency

Task management is one of the most important aspects of improving efficiency. Be strategic in your thinking and tactical in your execution when it comes to efficiency. The number of tasks which make up any given day are at times immeasurable. There are some tasks you can do faster and some tasks take more time. Although tasks vary in nature, the importance of completing tasks in the most efficient and effective manner is the same. Time is money and strategic thinking towards the goal of improved efficiencies mean more dollars flowing to your organization’s bottom line.

task managementBeing strategic in one’s approach to efficiency is a learned process. Increased efficiency comes about via a variety of methods. Trial and error, training, continuing education, and consulting are a few of the many ways higher levels of efficiency can be obtained. A typical first step in the quest for increased efficiency is to approach your manager at your place of employment. Unfortunately, in many companies today, managers are able to effectively manage, but they are ill-equipped to teach employs the tools and techniques they need which would increase efficiency and productivity.

As a former project manager, I was often overloaded and overworked which made work-life stressful and overwhelming at times. Thankfully, I worked for a large corporation and the organization was able to bring in some outside consultants who showed us some useful tactical tools and techniques. Studies have confirmed that although organizations understand that strategic thinking, when it comes to new ideas and new ways of learning are beneficial, most organizations either don’t know where to seek out the competent guidance they need, or they don’t have the resources to engage high-level consulting firms who could help.

task managementFortunately, there is help for small businesses. Here at the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC), our sole mission is providing that high-level technical assistance to small businesses which will take them to the next level. Guidance and direction in successful task management is one of the many areas of expertise we can help with.

The SBDC offers technical assistance to small businesses in three core areas; confidential one-on-one consulting, market research, and continuing education. Our 40 plus year track record of successful results speaks for itself.

Successful task management begins and ends with successful task planning. The old adage is true, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Careful planning of tasks along with a comprehensive measurement system for measuring progress and effectiveness will place an organization in the best position for increasing organizational efficiency. Increased efficiencies result in increased bottom line enhancement.

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Mark Collier
Mark Collier
As an Area Director and faculty member with the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Mark assists valued clients in evaluating and strategizing the best and most efficient path to starting or growing a successful business.

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