The Difference Between Joy and Happiness – Mark Sephton, Best-Selling Author

With the holiday season fast approaching, your business could see a sharp and fast increase in foot traffic. Between extended store hours, and the added stress of holiday shoppers, it’s important now more than ever to maintain a positive attitude amidst the pressures of this shopping season. On today’s show, we speak with Mark Sephton speaker, TV show host, and author of the best-selling 2014 book Inside Job, about finding and maintaining joy both at work and at home.

joyMark is incredibly people-focused and he has built his business on the ability to influence people through many different platforms including written content, radio, and TV. Mark explains, “We only get one shot in this life, and I think the thing that drives me is realizing my ability to help people become all they can be.”

Mark also wrote an article titled, The Difference Between Joy and Happiness. This article goes in the depth about the nuances of these similar but different feelings. Joy is based on what you know. This includes your knowledge, truth, and facts. However, happiness is based on what you feel. While we want to create these positive emotions in life, when we go through hard times, it’s important to remember the joy which lies at the core of your life.