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Change Behaviors and Resolve Conflicts Before They Start with These Resolution Skills – Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Today we are joined by Marcia Reynolds, president of Covisioning, LLC, best-selling author of Outsmart Your Brain: How to Master Your Mind When Emotions Take the Wheel and leadership expert. In this segment, we’ll learn more about Marcia’s entrepreneurial journey and how you can improve your leadership, coaching, and conflict-resolution skills.

Marcia ReynoldsMarcia spent 16 years of her career climbing through upper management for large corporations, primarily providing leadership training and coaching. After acquiring all of this knowledge and experience, Marcia decided it was time to start her our business. Her consulting business is now international and requires her to travel about nine months out of the year.

When Marcia left her job in corporate America, she dived right into coaching school. During this time Marcia also started to research emotional intelligence, and it sparked her to go back and earn her doctoral degree. It’s a fascinating look into how we change our behaviors as we move through life. In her research, she found that if you don’t know what really triggers your emotions, or how to use them, then you’re missing so much of what it takes to connect with people and create success. Marcia recommends these strategies to get started:

  • Use Reflective Intelligence to “catch your emotions” before you react.
  • Determine the circumstances that are likely to trigger your emotions and judgments.
  • Apply an Advanced Reframing Process to rise above judgments, see beyond frustrations, and uncover hidden possibilities

Emotions show up in the body before they hit the brain. If you can recognize that physical reaction immediately, then you can analyze what triggered that biological reaction. Then, before you have a tough conversation with a co-worker, client, or employee, set your own mind properly.

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