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How to create more memorable impressions to connect with your clients — Diana Kander

Whether you’re selling a B2B product or service, raising money for a non-profit, or trying to land a new job, this innovative method will help you create trust and connection and close more deals. Joining us on another edition of The Small Business Show is Diana Kander, Keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author, innovation consultant, and serial entrepreneur is here to discuss strategies from her new book: Go Big or Go Home.

As a serial entrepreneur, Diana Kander is an innovation nerd who has helped create multi-billion dollar products, coached boards and executive committees on innovation best practices, and implemented culture transformations. Diana has figured out how curiosity can be the engine for exponential growth. She demonstrates to audiences how asking better questions may lead to better outcomes.

According to Kander, “The goal of my novel is to help other like-minded entrepreneurs create trust and connection to close more deals.” Go Big or Go Home highlights the strategies and tools for entrepreneurs to be more memorable. To illustrate, Kander explains, “If you do not want to compete against competitors in terms of price and you want to avoid placing yourself as the ‘cheapest option’ and allow your customer to remember what you say, then you have to be memorable.” 

Method behind the success

Kander and the CEO of Dimensional Innovations had a conversation about his plans to write a book. Still, Kander had little interest in participating, so the CEO gave her an experience of his company, which altered her perception. In addition, the CEO discussed with her a specific move that aids in a 90% close rate of even the most complex deals. Therefore, after compiling her own research on the employees and why that move works, she demanded the CEO be the co-author of her book.

Research shows within the first hour of meeting your client, they’ll forget 50% of what you said, and within the first week of meeting, they’ll forget 90%. The novel details the ‘5 ways to create a customer experience that will close the deal,” and Kander explains how it emphasizes those strategies through memorability. “The way memorability works is, you must understand how to forget ability works.” 

Therefore, Kander suggests, “The only way we can alter those numbers is by creating an emotional connection.” When creating emotional experiences through presentations, it allocates in the book that connection and trust will nearly guarantee more closes. Additionally, physical objects are said to take the words of conversation out of the imaginary realm and make it more memorable. 

"Most of us think about what we're going to say, but not how we're going to deliver it." - Diana Kander

Overall, Kander emphasizes the importance to “stop talking about yourself. When you take the time to ask your prospect questions about themselves or refer to things, they previously mentioned shows you care. And Go Big or Go Home, will outline the tools to give you that.” 

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