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How This Self-Funded Startup Became One of The Fastest Growing Digital Web Agencies In Georgia – Lantre Barr, Blacc Spot Media

Earlier this month, ASBN was on-location at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Series: Atlanta, where we were fortunate enough to speak to several of Atlanta’s innovative and flourishing entrepreneurs. Occupying the tech space, was Lantre Barr, founder of Blacc Spot Media, a digital web and mobile agency that helps companies build their online communications strategies. We discussed his entrepreneurial journey, and how he grew his solo venture into a thriving company.

blacc spot mediaAfter studying architecture and construction in college, Lantre began his own real estate development company. However, like many small businesses, Lantre’s business struggled through the 2008 recession. After this, he was unemployed for approximately 30 months, during which time he began to teach himself software development. This prompted the start of his current company, Blacc Spot Media, in 2011 which he began as a solopreneur.

Lantre tells ASBN that it wasn’t until around 2013, however, that he began to feel more comfortable within the industry and his business. He says that moving into the new industry that he didn’t know much about was difficult, and he simultaneously needed to begin to learn about the industry itself as well as running a business within the IT consulting world. But once he started to build his confidence Lantre says that he really began to reach out and be more proactive around engaging with larger clients, and it was here that his business really began to boom.

Lantre says that that Blacc Spot Media has always been self-funded, and although this posed a challenge during the start of his business it also allowed him certain freedoms when building his business. But in looking to the future Lantre states that he can picture bringing in outside funding to the company within the next year or two. With the company now in a position that has their partnerships and their process in place Lantre says he feels that he is in a better position to step back a little more and see how the company run, and at that point in time they would be able to try to fuel additional growth with possible outside funding.

To hear more about Lantre’s story watch the full interview above.

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