How One Simple Choice Can Alter the Course of Your Life - Doug...

How One Simple Choice Can Alter the Course of Your Life – Doug Grady, Author and TEDx Speaker

Productivity is a key element to maintaining and growing a successful business, and simple changes to a conventional business routine can yield more efficient operations day to day. Our next guest has some great strategies to refocus your staff, encourage passion, and build a great company culture. Joining us today, is Doug Grady, motivational keynote speaker, author and he’s here to tell us why adopting a certain lifestyle or frame of mind can lead to increased productivity in your small business.

Doug GradyIn Doug’s book, The Ripple Effect, he focuses on how one simple choice can alter the course of your life forever. This concept might be easy to understand intellectually, but implementing it into your life is a whole other story. After starting out in the insurance business, Doug encountered some struggles with the industry and decided to attend his first motivational seminar. Three months passed after the event, and Doug began setting records for his company and started enjoying success on a larger scale.

While Doug credits the seminar with helping his motivation, he recognized that nothing can change your life without a positive choice on your part. Everyone wants to reach their full potential, but often, they don’t know where to start. Doug recommends just starting somewhere. It doesn’t have to be the perfect time or the perfect choice, it just begins with a simple recommitment that will lead to a ripple effect in many other areas.

Doug explains, “[Ask yourself] what am I not doing that if I did it, would make a positive difference in my life?” Similarly, people have a habit of doing things unintentionally to stop their personal growth. If not used properly, social media can be a big waste of time; 20 minutes can become 2 hours before you know it. There’s not enough time to do everything, but there’s always enough time to do the important things.

Doug says that fear and dismissal are the biggest deterrents he has noticed that prevent people from living happier, more motivated lives. It’s important to not only make a choice but to also stay the course. Only then, will you see the results of your hard work.

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