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How Atlanta-Based Fanaticus XR Has Created An Immersive Gaming Experience For Fans to Connect

The gaming industry has continued to climb in revenue and popularity over previous years and has no intention of slowing down. Today’s entrepreneur is a gaming expert that has creatively stretched the imagination of virtual reality and asymmetric gameplay by providing a space where gamers can gather and be immersed in what they love. Ernesto Escobar is the founder of Fanaticus XR, a social entertainment center and virtual gaming business that’s drawing more attention to digital experiences and the gaming world as a whole.

FanaticusErnesto refers to his gaming center as a “mixed reality” space, because it encompasses a broader set of features that go beyond mere headsets. The goal behind creating a mixed reality gaming center was to provide gamers with a more in-depth experience that includes virtual reality along with other components such as project mapping. Fanaticus originally started out as an option for fans of science fiction and fantasy, but they intend to move towards fans of sports and arts as well, in order to expand gaming options to all types of demographics.

Fanaticus is also a traveling business. With a small staff, the team caters to major events and special occasions all across the city to meet the needs and desires of its fellow fans and gamers. Ernesto further mentions though he enjoys traveling to these events city-wide, he will be elated once the company can solidify a specific building of its own to call home.

To learn more about Ernesto and Fanaticus, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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