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Bright Futures Atlanta: Providing Educational and Spiritual Support to Atlanta’s Westside – Philip Ross, Executive Director

We’re pleased to welcome Philip Ross and Jordan Jones to the ASBN studios. Philip, along with his wife Gail, co-founded Bright Futures Atlanta, a non-profit organization focused on providing educational and spiritual support to the youth of Atlanta’s westside. Jordan is a 10th-grade student currently enrolled in the Bright Futures program and today, we’ll be learning more about the organization’s history and the programs they offer.

Bright Futures AtlantaPhilip and his wife Gail started Bright Futures Atlanta just under 20 years ago when they first moved to the Atlanta westside neighborhood of Bankhead. They were working with the Midtown Mission at the time and decided that if they were going to work in that part of town, then they needed to live there as well. They strategically moved across the street from what was at the time, one of the city’s lowest-performing middle schools. Philip says he and Gail were called to the middle school and high school-aged kids who are going through a very transitional time in their lives.

Bright Futures Atlanta started out as an after-school and summer program but Philip and Gail quickly realized that they wanted to expand their organization to include a full-time schooling option. The school began about 10 years ago with 12 students being taught out of Philip and Gail’s home. Fast-forward to 2019, and there are 80 students enrolled in the school which sits on over 25,000 sqft. of space. Bright Futures has also broken ground on site one mile away from the academy that will house an expanded after-school program where students, alumni, and their family and friends can come together.

To find out more about Bright Futures Atlanta, be sure to watch our full interview above. And don’t forget to check out their upcoming charity golf tournament on May 13th!

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