5 Strategies to Drive Your Small Business SEO - Mark Collier &...

5 Strategies to Drive Your Small Business SEO – Mark Collier & Kelly Biggs

In the latest episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, guest host Mark Collier sits down with Kelly Biggs, Principal Consultant for WSI. WSI (We Simplify the Internet) is the world’s largest digital marketing agency, found in over 80 different countries. The company started almost 25 years ago, making it nearly as old as the internet. Biggs says WSI brings fortune 500 products to small businesses.

Biggs opens the conversation by explaining the need for search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses. Biggs says everyone is striving to gain access to the first page of a Google search engine. It’s critical for small businesses to gain local SEO by being geo-focused in their selection of keywords.

According to Biggs, local SEO is focused on geo-targeting customers in a certain region. Non-geo-focused SEO is focused on engaging an audience outside of one particular market. Biggs says that businesses should formulate an SEO strategy that best fits the audience they are trying to reach. 

Biggs says the number one factor to drive SEO is “Google my Business”. This is the process of registering a business within Google. If a business is not recognized by Google, they won’t show up on Google’s “Map Pack”. The Map Pack is Google’s way of recognizing businesses in a specific geographic area. 

Biggs then dives into other practices that businesses can do to produce good SEO. She suggests that business owners go to AlsoAsked.com. This is a service that shows what people are asking when searching for specific products. 

The next method she suggests is for businesses to build backlinks. Backlinks are when other websites reference your site to give you credibility. Businesses can build strong backlinks by sponsoring a local, accredited organization that is willing to link your site as a sponsor. 

The last practice that Biggs dives into is developing citations. Biggs says being cited on many reputable listings helps build strong SEO and makes it easier for customers to find the right businesses.

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