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How JumpFund is Evening the Funding Scales and Setting Their Sights on Women-Led Companies – Kim Seals

ASBN is pleased to welcome Kim Seals, General Partner at JumpFund, into the studio to talk with us about small business funding, specifically how JumpFund aims to fund women-owned small businesses.

Kim begins by acknowledging what a great time it is to be an entrepreneur in Atlanta. There is an influx of talent with students coming out of universities, people relocating, and people looking to begins startups in Atlanta. Additionally, there is a market for it. There are many big companies that are headquartered in Atlanta and there is a great infrastructure for support for entrepreneurs, and if you put all of these factors together with a large number of investors looking for deals in Atlanta it creates an amazing environment for entrepreneurs to raise money and acquire resources.

Kim then speaks on the disparity in funding between men and women and how JumpFund seeks to counteract this. Breaking down funding into two segments, venture capital money vs. angel money, in 2018 there was approximately $130 billion in venture capital money and only 2.2% of that funding was applied to women-led businesses. In terms of angel money approximately 13% was applied to women-led businesses, so we see a slight improvement but still a rather low number.

JumpFund is a company that is centered around women investing in women. With women-led companies outperforming male-led companies it is important and beneficial to invest in women-led small businesses, and JumpFund is here to do just that.

Also be sure to not miss out on Kim Seals as at Keynote Speaker at TiECON 2020 where your ASBN hosts, Jim and Bridget Fitzpatrick, will be MC’s at the event. Make sure to join us there and register here.

To hear more from Kim Seals check out the full interview above or visit the JumpFund website at

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