Discover the 5 stages of financial freedom with Jamila Souffrant | Journey to Launch

While focusing on the external aspects of financial independence is necessary, the journey ultimately starts within.

Please welcome Jamila Souffrant, an accomplished author, award-winning podcaster, and the Founder and CEO of Journey To Launch. Her insights have been showcased on Good Morning America, The New York Times, and Money Magazine. In today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we delve into Souffrant’s latest book, “Your Journey to Financial Freedom: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Wealth and Happiness.”

Souffrant’s journey began as a quest for self-discovery. Craving more freedom in her life, she found herself trapped in a job she didn’t love, detested the daily commute, and despite making it work, she wasn’t happy. This led her down the rabbit hole of financial freedom, prompting her to launch a podcast, take the bold step of leaving her job for early retirement, and ultimately emerge as a highly regarded author.

Key Takeaways 

1. The Journey to Launch Podcast is all about celebrating the journey to financial freedom rather than just the destination of accumulating wealth. The host, Souffrant, shares strategies and tips to help people pay off debt and invest wisely, as well as discussing mindsets and how entrepreneurs can make their journey more enjoyable. 

2. It can be overwhelming for those who are just starting out on the path to financial freedom. Hence, the book covers the five stages of economic freedom, helping entrepreneurs identify where they are in their journey. The first stage is the Explorer stage, which helps people become financially stable. The second stage is the Cadet stage, where entrepreneurs work on becoming consumer debt-free. 

3. The third stage is the Aviator stage, which focuses on achieving financial security. The fourth stage is the Commander stage, which aims to reach a level of work flexibility. Finally, the fifth stage is the Captain stage, representing complete financial independence. 

4. Souffrant emphasizes that it’s essential for entrepreneurs to understand where they are in life and that there’s no shame in any stage. Each stage represents an opportunity to achieve financial freedom. 

5. While focusing on the external aspects of financial independence is necessary, the journey ultimately starts within. Entrepreneurs must ensure their desires align with the calculated risks required to achieve their financial goals.

"The journey is internal and has a lot to do with our mindsets." – Jamila Souffrant

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