ASBN On-LocationHow Softgiving Leverages Technology to Inspire Charitable Donations - Chip Harden, VP...

How Softgiving Leverages Technology to Inspire Charitable Donations – Chip Harden, VP of Business Development

ASBN was recently on-location at FinTech South with Chip Harding, Vice President of Business Development for Softgiving. Softgiving is a web-based solutions company with a B2B2C relationship with the non-profits that they serve.

Softgiving facilitates micro-contributions to non-profits by allowing donors to enroll a debit or credit card so that their everyday purchases, no matter where they occur, will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. Subsequently, this rounded up change will be sent to the organization of the donor’s choice in the form of a charitable contribution.

non-profitsSoftgiving has been in business for a little over a year and a lot has changed since their founding. They are currently involved in secure partnerships with a variety of non-profits, including M.A.D.D., CARE, and the Make A Wish Foundation. Additionally, they co-exhibited with First Data’s Star Debit Network at FinTech South 2019, in order to gain the ability to speak to their banking clients about potential match campaigns with their non-profit partners. Clearly, Softgiving has been growing quickly, and according to Chip they have no plans of stopping any time soon.

Chip discusses the company’s vision for its future. With a multitude of companies giving to charities individually, Softgiving hopes to marry these dispersed parties and establish a sort of self-sustaining eco-system that holds value for all its participants. In this way, they can bring together a variety of parties to assist in supporting non-profits through charitable donations.

To hear more about Softgiving watch the full interview above or check out their website at

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