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Rigor: How this Atlanta Startup Is Improving the Experience and Performance of E-Commerce Websites – Craig Hyde, CEO

ASBN recently caught up with Craig Hyde, CEO of Rigor on location at Atlanta Tech Village, the nation’s fourth-largest startup incubator. Have you ever left a website because it took too long to load, or clicked on a link that turned out to be broken? Well, Rigor solves those problems for e-commerce brands and transactional companies. There are endless studies that show people don’t like to wait for pages to load.

RigorCompanies spend millions of dollars trying to drive traffic to their website, and if the page doesn’t load right away, the user will end up clicking off and going somewhere else. So, Rigor offers services and builds software to help businesses improve the overall experience and performance of their websites.

RigorRigor’s client list is impressive and includes the likes of Home Depot, Ticketmaster, and Cost Plus World Market. Shaving half a second or quarter of a second off of load times for these large companies makes a huge difference in terms of scale.

Rigor has been headquartered at Atlanta tech Village since the building opened at the end of 2012. The community aspect of ATV is huge for Craig. This is the first technology company he has founded and built to scale, and with that comes a lot of nuanced challenges. So, being in the same building as other companies going through the same challenges and successes is an incredibly supportive environment.

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