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The Importance of Creating a Solid Marketing Framework for Your Business – Jee Rostam-Abadi, Hawke Media

ASBN sat down with Jee Rostam-Abadi on-site at this year’s Digital Summit in Atlanta. Jee is the Vice President of Marketing at Hawke Media, a business that provides affordable marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Jee has been with Hawke Media for four years now, and he says there are few other agencies that are able to strategically resource exactly what you need when you need it, as Hawke Media does. While providing over 50 different services across five different departments, Jee says that if there is any service you need in digital marketing Hawke Media can more than likely provide it.

Hawke MediaJee goes on to discuss the reason that the current failure rate of e-commerce businesses is at 50 percent. He says that a lack of a solid operational or marketing infrastructure can be largely responsible, as well as the business not addressing the points they should be focusing on most when starting out. Jee says, “Disneyland wasn’t built in a day”.

Additionally, Jee discusses some of the highlights of his presentation, entitled Grow Your Business Through the Flawless 5-Step E-commerce Growth Pyramid. One topic he discusses in detail is how he is able to compare a business’s e-commerce infrastructure to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in order to help them to achieve their full talent and potential by satisfying these needs in their designated order. To hear all about this process and more, check out the full interview above or visit the Hawke Media website at

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