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Small Business Ideas for Rocking Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Are you a small business owner who wants to capitalize on the power of YouTube? Are you tired of seeing other brands benefit from a flood of video traffic and want your small business to experience super-sized growth too? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, check out the following YouTube marketing tips for small business owners.

1) Keyword optimization is critical for business success on YouTube. Incorporate keywords into your video annotations, time-stamp descriptions, titles, and video descriptions. Use a variety of keywords your target viewers are likely to use ( to maximize the discovery potential of your videos.

2) If you’re using your smartphone’s camera to create video content for your small business’ YouTube channel, learn how to offer your best side to the camera. Make sure your face is positioned in the center of your webcam, your shoulders are back, and there is soft light facing towards you. Bright lights behind you or sun streaming through a window can impact the look of your videos. Make sure you’re not looking down at your camera, but instead looking directly into your camera. Think like a television reporter on camera. They don’t position themselves like they’re capturing a selfie, but instead look directly at their audience.

3) Be clear on your target audience if you want YouTube marketing to work for your small business. Are you attempting to connect with a young, hip audience who are wise to the latest trends or are you marketing to a B2B (business to business) audience who expect the utmost in professionalism from your brand? Once you understand audience analysis and proper YouTube targeting, you can craft video content to deliver on those expectations.

4) Authenticity matters in video marketing on YouTube. If you can’t interact naturally on video, consider opting for business videos that don’t show you on camera. Create explainer videos with engaging graphics or un-boxing videos capturing your staff in their natural elements as they unpack new stock. Your YouTube audience will notice if you’re not being authentic in your outreach efforts, so focus on creating videos your viewers will find enjoyable and want to share with their network.

5) Remember why you are creating a video not just how you’ll make it or what you’ll share. Video outreach on YouTube is most successful when you deliver content with a strong why behind it. If you can’t define a why for a video creation, should you even bother creating it? Your audience will identify with content created with a strong purpose, but it is up to you to determine the why.

6) Make sure your video titles match your content. Nothing will send a potential customer away from your brand faster than videos that proclaim one thing in the title, but deliver something entirely different in the content. It’s not okay to create a sensational title for your YouTube videos only to offer mediocre content that doesn’t match the promise of your title.

Bear these six video marketing tips in mind and you’ll significantly increase your odds of rocking your YouTube branding strategy. Focus on exceeding the expectations of your target audience and there’s a good chance YouTube marketing will work for your small business.

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