ArticlesLearn how artificial intelligence can grow your business with free SCORE webinar

Learn how artificial intelligence can grow your business with free SCORE webinar

SCORE, a nonprofit education platform partnered with the Small Business Administration, is looking to teach entrepreneurs how they can use artificial intelligence to boost company performance.

The webinar, titled “How to Effectively Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business,” is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. on July 25. Over the course of the presentation, host Robyn Anderson, business technology expert and founder of Jams.Ai, will teach entrepreneurs how to integrate AI-powered tools into their operations. Anderson also plans to discuss how small business owners can use AI for multiple applications, including prospecting, negotiating and closing deals.

Small businesses are well-positioned to take advantage of artificial intelligence since their size allows them more flexibility than a larger company. Speaking to Fox Business, entrepreneur and SCORE mentor Paul Ohlson noted that small business owners “do a lot of things without hiring a lot of people,” allowing them to adopt AI tools with ease. “So many businesses are sole proprietors, just one person running a business, and you take a lot of valuable time away from brining in revenue when you have to focus on customer service or your paperwork or your finances or something like that,” he remarked.

Some small business owners, regardless of the size of their teams, are afraid to integrate artificial intelligence for a variety of reasons. In part, this sentiment is due to the obligatory existential concerns technological advancements bring. “Technology scares a lot of business owners,” continues Ohlson, “so they just end up avoiding it.”

However, many are eagerly embracing their new software tools to boost success for their enterprises. Eathan Janney, owner of Floating Piano Factory in New York City, has used AI to create onboarding papers for his company. “ChatGPT was incredibly helpful in assisting me to create an impressive and informative document very quickly,” he commented. Entrepreneur David Zhang, CEO of Kate Backdrop, told American Express that AI finance platforms had made him “very confident in my ability to make informed decisions about my company’s financial future…”

Entrepreneurs have so much to gain by integrating AI into their operations, which is why organizations like SBA support important educational resources like SCORE. To watch the event or read more about how small businesses can benefit from using artificial intelligence, check out the Small Business Administration’s website here, or sign up for SCORE’s webinar here.

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