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Holiday Networking 101

As the holiday season approaches, many small business owners turn their attention to the holiday party circuit where networking is front and center. Holiday parties can be fun but most small business owners are focused on networking with a purpose. Networking can often be an expensive proposition and the highest cost of all is a small business owner’s time.  You cannot put a price tag on a small business owner’s time.  Each and every day is critical to the success of a small business which is why being strategic and intentional in how small business owners approach networking will yield the greatest returns.

Here are 3 general guidelines that will increase a small business owner’s ROI when it comes to networking this upcoming holiday season.

holidayFish in the Right Ponds

Getting this right is critical. Small business owners need to focus their networking activities on events and attendees which will yield tangible results. Expending time at the wrong events will have a negative impact on business owners’ networking ROI. 

Give Before You Expect to Get

People are much more willing to do business with those who they feel have their best interests at heart. Quid pro quo is an unwritten rule when it comes to successful business relationships. By first seeking to add value for other business owners is where the rubber meets the road in terms of creating maximum opportunities.  

Seek Collaborative Opportunities Greater Than Self-Interest Alone

Savvy small business owners are always seeking collaborative opportunities to work with other like-minded business owners. Purposefully seeking out those collaborative opportunities will increase networking opportunities exponentially.

Small business owners have a seemingly unlimited number of things that compete for their valuable time and during the holiday season, those time demands increase substantially.  Learning how to be strategic with holiday networking planning will increase both opportunities and profits.

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Mark Collier
Mark Collier
As an Area Director and faculty member with the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Mark assists valued clients in evaluating and strategizing the best and most efficient path to starting or growing a successful business.

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