ArticlesEtsy's holiday trends for online retailers and small business owners

Etsy’s holiday trends for online retailers and small business owners

Etsy has released its list of the year’s most popular winter and holiday aesthetics, posing opportunities for small business owners and online retailers in the home goods space to capitalize on popular trends.

Gingerbread Girl

Defined by nostalgia and influenced by cottagecore trends, “Gingerbread Girl” incorporates comfy and cozy into its aesthetic, with plenty of warm blankets, rustic decor, cooking utensils and baked goods. Online retailers should include these elements in their product photos to grab the attention of internet shoppers this holiday season.


A well-adorned mantlepiece can be one of the most captivating components of a living room. “Mantlescaping” elevates mantle design into an art form. This search trend has created a surge in demand for candle lanterns, ceramic trees and accent ornaments, in addition to snow globes, miniature village scenes and a healthy dose of pinecones and garland.

Grandpa Chic

This aesthetic seeks to answer the profound question of what an early 2010’s hipster would look like if they aged 40 years and picked up a leatherworking obsession. Replete with dark, neutral colors, contrasted with light wood and leather grains and complimented by tasteful applications of flannel and plaid, “Grandpa Chic” is sure to awaken the sardonic, mustachioed teen we all hoped to forget. Online retailers with a large following of male consumers will see handsome returns by ensuring their marketing embodies this stylistic trend.

Elevated Entertainment

If the COVID pandemic had one positive impact on humanity, it would have to be teaching us the importance of spending time with family and friends. After going for months without the ability to meet in person, people developed a renewed interest in gatherings and parties, a shift reflected in Etsy’s search results. Searches for hosting and home entertainment goods, such as tea towels, barware, placemats and so on, have increased a thousand-fold on the e-commerce platform. Help relatives and relations connect and your small business thrive by taking advantage of this trend in the home goods space.


What if “Candyland” was more than a board game? What if it was a way of life? “Candycore” is the answer to that question. Combining baked sweets, pastel colors, a healthy dash of sprinkles and a literal cookie-cutter aesthetic, this trend is set to heavily influence holiday season decor across American homes this fall and winter. Etsy has seen search trends for iridescent sequined items, stained glass ornaments, scalloped placements, napkins and runners rise heavily in 2023, giving online retailers a general idea of how to showcase their products.

Meaningful Memories

Adjacent to home goods, travel essentials, especially those that embody a sense of comfort and style, have seen substantial increases in internet searches. Water bottle holders, sunglasses cases, travel planners, travel cases, etc., have become some of the hottest items on Etsy. Not only can small business owners capitalize on those planning to travel for the holidays, but they can also help consumers secure gifts for the traveler in their lives.

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Colin Velez
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