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How to achieve a clear small business branding strategy — Bridget Fields

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of building a powerful band. On today’s episode of The Playbook with Mark Collier, Bridget Fields, CEO of DesignShow, a marketing company specializing in branding, discusses the way to achieve a clear and powerful branding strategy. 

Fields acknowledges that branding is crucial since it informs customers about the company’s positioning. These branding methods may involve the use of specific colors or a logo that encourages customer interaction. Additionally, recognizing the target market that a corporation is attempting to reach involves an awareness of messaging and tones. 

The goal of DesignShow is to facilitate communication between healthcare facilities and the patients they are hoping to attract. DesignShow assists marginalized communities in understanding how to have better lives.

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Fields explains there are three different types of clients they assist in an ecosystem:

  1. Healthcare clients- they help practice offices connect with their patients of community organizations. 
  2. Government contractors- they help to startup their brand and identity. Since marketing for the government is completely separate from commercial marketing. So, they really build their brand through their trust, including aesthetics and their digital footprint. 
  3. Community organizations- these are the larger group of clients directly connected to healthcare providers because these are the people and the voice. “We listen to them, and we help to merge the two and consolidate so they can understand.” 

According to Fields, people want to feel equally represented. As a result, businesses must base their marketing plans on relatability. She further states that DesignShow helps businesses with five aspects of her “common sense” methodology: how they help, what issues they resolve, how they do so, and how the customer’s life is impacted.

Companies frequently make branding mistakes because they are so preoccupied with their own actions and processes that they fail to consider how their products would improve people’s lives. Fields points out that since social media is used everywhere, it’s critical to promote brands online as well. Use social media as a tool to demonstrate who you are and what you have to offer, but make sure your brand is genuine.

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