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Atlanta Small Business Profile – Rhonda & Frank Duffy, DUFFY Realty

On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, our host Ted Jenkin catches up with Rhonda and Frank Duffy, founders of DUFFY Realty.

DUFFY Realty has been for over 17 years, and their success and longevity stems from their ability to continually disrupt the real estate industry. Rhonda says that they approach the industry from a different angle, and look to the values of people that they serve. Frank too realized that there seemed to be a lot of waste and unnecessary costs associated with buying and selling property. According to Frank, the business didn’t require a huge leap of faith, it was very calculated and he was confident they would succeed.

DUFFY RealtyRhonda and Frank decided to adopt a flat-fee pricing structure and a smaller commission when buyers close. This is significantly different than the traditional models that people are familiar with. However, neither Frank nor Rhonda were fearful that their business model wouldn’t work. Frank simply says that if something in their model was working, they would adapt and fix it.

At every step, Rhonda and Frank have filled a growing need in the market and given the public a worthwhile alternative to traditional methods. This has been the motivation and driving force for DUFFY Realty from the start, and it continues to push them to improve every day.

To find out more about Frank, Rhonda, and DUFFY Realty, be sure to watch out our entire interview above.

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