The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 13 – [6.8.19]

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On today’s show, we spoke with George Deeb, startup expert and managing partner of Red Rocket Ventures. We then sat down with Ben and Jackie Moore, who co-founded Jordyn’s Summer Shirt Project along with their daughter Jordyn who has autism. We also caught up with Michelle Amarra, President of Southern Crescent Broadcasting, SCBTV. And rounding out the show was the Atlanta Small Business Profile, where our host, Ted Jenkin, interviewed Will Hall, CEO of HIPnation.

Staffing Your Startup: How to Develop a Recruitment Strategy – George Deeb, Managing Partner of Red Rocket Ventures
Almost every entrepreneur knows by now, that your business is only as good as the staff that runs it. You not only have to find the right people to execute your vision, but you also need to determine their compensation and benefits. Here to discuss the nuances of building the best team for your startup is George Deeb, Managing Partner of Red Rocket Ventures and author of over 300 lessons for startups and business owners. Watch Now

Ben and Jackie Moore, along with their daughter Jordyn, who has autism, are breaking down barriers with their small business, Jordyn’s Summer Shirt ProjectHow This Small Business is Breaking Down Barriers For People with Special Needs – Ben & Jackie Moore
Innovative career paths continue to grow and change the lives of individuals with special needs. By establishing websites and brick-and-mortar businesses, those with disabilities, along with their loved ones, are working hard to showcase their abilities and talents to the world. Ben and Jackie Moore, along with their daughter Jordyn, who has autism, are breaking down barriers with their small business, Jordyn’s Summer Shirt Project. Watch Now

video advertsingWhy You Need a Strong Video Advertising Strategy For Your Business – Michelle Amarra, Southern Crescent Broadcasting
When it comes to reaching and engaging potential consumers, video advertising pays. And having appropriately branded videos for your business is just as important as your company’s website, perhaps even more so. Here to tell us why small business owners can no longer afford to ignore video advertising is Michelle Amarra. Michelle is the president of Southern Crescent Broadcasting, SCBTV. Watch Now

HIPnationAtlanta Small Business Profile – Will Hall, CEO of HIPnation
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, our host, Ted Jenkin, sits down with Will Hall, CEO of HIPnation. HIPnation is a membership-based medical practice that was created by practicing physicians who want healthcare to actually focus on providing better care to patients at a lower cost. Watch Now

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