The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS & PeachTree TVThe Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 38

The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 38

On this week’s episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show, we kick things off with Tyler Scriven, co-founder and CEO of Saltbox Atlanta, a co-working space that also provides warehousing options. Then we take a look at our interview with Clara Olguin, co-founder of Atlanta-based CIC Floors. Clara was recently recognized as 2016’s woman of the year by the National Association of Professional Women.

Up next we spoke to Jacob Morgan, one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership and author of “The Future Leader: 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade.” Following Jacob is a segment of this week’s Atlanta Small Business Profile where host Ted Jenkin sits down with Ashley Carestia, founder and owner of AD Consulting. We close this week’s show with an appearance from David Epstein, New York Times best-selling author of “Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World.”Be sure to tune into this week’s show!

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SaltboxHow This Atlanta-Born Company is Charting a New Path for Co-working Spaces
When it comes to the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, having a space dedicated to creating ideas, strategies, and even storage is ideal. Today’s guest is Tyler Scriven, the co-founder and CEO of Saltbox Atlanta. A company that incorporates space for entrepreneurs to cultivate new ideas, house their business items, and grow within a community of like-minded entrepreneurs right here in Atlanta. Watch Now

partnershipsThe Importance of Building Valuable Business Partnerships in Your Local Community – Clara Olguin, CIC Floors
It’s pretty common for new business owners to wear multiple hats when first starting out, and our next guest is no stranger to the challenges of trying to master every role. Clara Olguin is the co-founder of Atlanta-based, CIC Floors, a one-stop-shop for quality flooring products and installation services. CIC Floors also recently won the Minority-Owned Small Business Award at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. Watch Now

Future LeaderEmbrace These 9 Leadership Skills Now for Success Tomorrow – Jacob Morgan, Author of ‘The Future Leader’
When it comes to business leadership, many companies have adopted various styles over the years that work best for that particular business. Having the future in mind as we enter into a new decade, experts now question if it’s time to change the style of our leadership for the future of our businesses. Our next guest is Jacob Morgan, one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, the future of work, and author of the new book based on the interviews with over 140 of the world’s top CEOs titled “The Future Leader: 9 Skills and Mindsets to SUCCEED in the NEXT DECADE.” Watch Now

AD ConsultingAtlanta Small Business Profile – Ashley Carestia, AD Consulting
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile host and small business expert Ted Jenkin sits down with Ashley Carestia, founder and owner of AD Consulting. Watch Now

David EpsteinWhy Business Owners Should Expand Their Range of Skills – David Epstein, NYT Best-Selling Author
When it comes to being an expert in any given field, many often believe that placing a laser focus on that field alone will propel them into success. Our guest today is David Epstein, who claims quite the opposite saying that going through diverse experiences is the best preparation and the most promising method for well-rounded success. He is a New York Times best-selling author, globally recognized speaker, and former investigative reporter, who is here to discuss his latest book called “Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World.” David’s TED Talk has also been viewed over 8.5 million times and was shared by Bill Gates. Watch Now

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