The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS & PeachTree TVThe Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 37

The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 37

This week on the Atlanta Small Business Show, we start things off on-location at Atlanta’s Civic Center for Innovation with founder Rohit Malhotra. We then speak to serial entrepreneur and business growth expert Beate Chelette, who discusses her patented and proven 5 step growth strategy. Following that is a portion of the Atlanta Small Business Profile featuring Scott Moscow, Partner at Booker Promotions, a brand-building and promotional products company.

Next up, is our interview with Marcy Heath, a certified healthcare reform specialist and Founder and CEO of InoVentive Solutions, a company that helps business owners understand and manage their healthcare supply chain. We wrap things up with Scott Hilton, Executive Director for the Georgians First Commission under the Office of Governor Brian Kemp. Be sure to tune into this week’s show!

Originally aired on 1.24.20

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social entrepreneurshipHow Atlanta’s Center for Civic Innovation Is Improving the Community Through Social Entrepreneurship – Rohit Malhotra, Founder
Bringing positive change to local communities requires room for innovative ideas to be voiced, the manpower to bring those ideas to life, and a mutual sense of trust between all parties involved. Here to shine a light on social entrepreneurship and community resolution is Founder and Executive Director of Atlanta’s Center for Civic Innovation, Rohit Malhotra. Watch Now

growth strategyThe 5 Step Growth Strategy This Entrepreneur Developed After Selling Her Company to Bill Gates
As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks to learn is how to successfully scale your business to new heights. However, this can serve as a challenge for many small business owners that don’t have a solid growth strategy in place. Today’s guest is Beate Chelette, the author of the #1 international Amazon Bestseller Happy Woman Happy World – How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome”.  She has been named one of fifty must-follow women entrepreneurs by the Huffington Post, and sold her first venture to the one and only Bill Gates. Watch Now

atlanta small businessAtlanta Small Business Profile – Scott Moscow, Booker Promotions
Host and small business expert Ted Jenkin talks to Scott Moscow, Partner at Booker Promotions, on this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile. Booker Promotions specializes in brand building and creating high-quality promotional products for a wide variety of companies. Watch Now

InoVentive SolutionsHow to Streamline Your Employee Health Benefits and Attract Better Talent – Marcy Heath, InoVentive Solutions
When making the selection to work for a company, having great benefits, like healthcare, has become an important factor for potential employees to consider. However, understanding and managing those benefits, even for companies, can be challenging at times. Our next guest has 20 years of experience in benefit advising and strives to change how companies manage their healthcare supply chain while driving greater bottom line profits for employers. Today we welcome certified healthcare reform specialist and Founder / CEO of InoVentive Solutions, Marcy Heath. Marcy has also been recognized as one of the Top Women in Benefit Advising of 2018. Watch Now

Georgians First CommissionHow the Georgians First Commission is Working to Address the Issues Facing Business Owners – Scott Hilton, Executive Director
It wasn’t too long ago that only 1 in 20 workers needed a license or a permit to pursue their chosen occupation. According to the Institute of Justice, today nearly 1 in 3 workers need a license to pursue their dream career. The Georgians First Commission, established by Governor Brian Kemp, is reviewing those state licensing policies and procedures with a goal to cut red tape and allow small businesses to grow and develop new innovative strategies. Here to speak more in-depth about the matter, is the Executive Director for the Georgians First Commission under the Office of Governor Kemp, Scott Hilton. Watch Now

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