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The Difference Between Mentors and Advisors and How to Find the Right One – Mike Gomez, Business Growth Specialist

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, once they’ve chosen a solid business idea, moving forward with early-stage development can be daunting and confusing. However, investing mentors to advise and consult you during these initial phases could set you on the path to success. No one knows this better than our next guest Mike Gomez. Mike is the founder and president of Allegro Consulting, as well as a complex sales and growth strategies advisor to the Atlanta Tech Village.

mentorsAs a new business owner, there will undoubtedly be moments of inexperience; you’ve never done this before. You’ve never been the CEO of a startup, so it’s a great idea to start surrounding yourself with people who do have that experience and foresight that you need. Mentors are broad advisors who guide you through various processes and help you avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship. Advisors have more specific guidance in a particular field and are there to help supplement your leadership team.

The good news is with the growing community environments like WeWork, Atlanta Tech Village, and Georgia Tech ATDC, you can seek out and network with a myriad of different mentors and advisors. Find those with the relevant knowledge and experience that have complimentary skillsets to yours. It requires a little bit of humility to really assess your weaknesses, but once you do, the pool of advisory prospects will become clearer and more defined.

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