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The Importance of Building Valuable Business Partnerships in Your Local Community – Clara Olguin, CIC Floors


It’s pretty common for new business owners to wear multiple hats when first starting out, and our next guest is no stranger to the challenges of trying to master every role. Clara Olguin is the co-founder of Atlanta-based, CIC Floors, a one-stop-shop for quality flooring products and installation services. She originally started her career in law in order to pursue music management and help entrepreneurs find success in the music industry. Now, she and her husband run an incredibly successful small business in Gwinnett County, and through local community partnerships, Clara was recognized as 2016’s Woman of the Year by The National Association of Professional Women. CIC Floors also recently won the Minority-Owned Small Business Award at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

In today’s segment, Jim and Clara discuss how CIC Floors got started, how long the business has been open, and some of the challenges she faced when first launching the company. Clara also discusses what makes CIC Floors unique in the market, how to create distinction, and the importance of building lucrative partnerships in the community.

To find out more about Clara and CIC Floors, be sure to watch the entire interview above.

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