Start A BusinessEntrepreneurshipSteve Weinberg shares the key tools to be successful as a salesmen

Steve Weinberg shares the key tools to be successful as a salesmen

Author Steve Weinberg has dedicated his life to selling and assisting others in doing the same. He is a pro at creating, managing, and maintaining elite sales teams. With over three decades of leadership experience in sales, he establishes excellent standards for account management. Vice President at AC Nielsen, Solcorps, Deloitte and Touche, and Dun & Bradstreet Software are just a few of his executive positions.

In his recently published book, Above the Quota Performance: Tips and Techniques to Becoming a Master Sales Pro, Steve Weinberg walks readers through how to do it right and succeed. It serves as evidence that successful salespeople aren’t born, they’re trained.

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His ideas and advice are surrounded by the salesmen’s culture. He creates a list of his own “Steveisms”—topics to keep him on course—and bullets them throughout his career. The book’s origins are an explanation of his distinctive “Steveism.” If you’re not winning, you’re losing is an illustration of  his “Steveism.”

The book is organized essentially as a blueprint for salespeople who didn’t receive the advised training or the 50% who fall short of their quota. He declares, “The reasons they’re failing are the justifications of the quota being too high, they have bad leads, the 

Steve’s approach 

  • Steve would advise his staff to pay attention to client objections if he were still in charge since they are describing what is necessary to close the transaction. By listening, you’re educating yourself so that you can better serve the needs of the consumer as well as the business.
  • He also clarifies how sales success does not require a particular personality type. “I read that introverts may make great salespeople, which is counterintuitive because people typically assume that in order to accomplish this job, one must be gregarious and give people high-fives.” He disagrees and maintains that all you need to do is add value for the buyer.

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