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How This Atlanta FinTech Disruptor Pushes the Boundaries of Small Business Lending – Robert Frohwein & Kathryn Petralia, Co-Founders of Kabbage

[previously aired 7/23/19]

Georgia is home to over 160 FinTech companies and organizations, making the state a global industry leader in FinTech innovation and execution. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with two of the founders of Kabbage, one of Atlanta’s most prolific FinTech disruptors.

KabbageRobert Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia, have made it their mission at Kabbage to push the boundaries of FinTech, and create a small business lending machine like no other. To date, Kabbage has loaned out $7 billion in capital to 185,000 businesses. Check out their story now, and be sure to catch their keynote speeches at TiECON, later this year.

In this segment, we dive into how Robert and Kathryn got involved in the financial industry, how they built Kabbage and the ways in which they continue to disrupt the FinTech Sector. We also discuss their ambitious plans for expansion, recent funding rounds, and what makes Atlanta a great city for FinTech startups. Be sure to check out our full interview above.

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