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How Atlanta-Based Flock Safety Is Redefining Security In Your Community

In today’s interview, we speak with Garrett Langley, founder and CEO of Flock Safety. Garrett first noticed an issue in his neighborhood a little over two years ago which was an increase in crime. After speaking with police departments and doing in-depth research on crimes within the area, Langley discovered that the majority of crimes involve some type of vehicle – over 70 percent in fact. After compiling his research, he spoke with a law enforcement representative and further learned that usually with a crime involving a vehicle, the most important piece of evidence needed is a license plate. This was the key piece of information Langley needed to find his solution to lowering crime rates, thus Flock Safety was developed.

Flock Safety

Having a background in IT, Langley created Flock Safety, a company that builds road-side cameras specifically designed to capture the license plates of every vehicle that passes by a Flock Safety camera post. With his advanced technology, the camera is not only able to capture license plates as they speed by his camera posts, but there are also able to compare these license plates to the plates of the registered residents that live within that neighborhood. This is to clarify any “intruders” or non-residents within the complex and record those plates in order to accurately revert back to in the case that a vehicle-involved crime should occur.

As a result of strategically planting these cameras within entrances and exits of neighborhoods, Langley has helped significantly drop the crime rate in various areas. Cobb County, Ga. alone has seen a 64 percent spike in auto break-ins and a 40 percent drop in robberies within the areas containing his cameras. In addition to these solved crimes, his cameras also have contributed to solving two Amber Alert cases and helped bring stolen children back to safety. Flock Safety now works closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding crimes.

To find out more about Garrett and Flock Safety, be sure to watch the full interview above.

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