Daily Practices to Stay Motivated Through Tough Times From Breakthrough Strategist Simon T. Bailey

In today’s uncertainty, pivoting and finding opportunity is crucial to small business success. We must stay positive and develop strategies to maintain our momentum and mindset.
Simon BaileyIn today’s segment, we welcome back author of Be the Spark, Simon T Bailey, who knows a thing or two about a positive mindset. Simon is a professional transformation strategist with more than 30 years of experience. Simon has been recognized by Success magazine as one of the Top 25 People Who Can Help You Reach Your Business and life goals.
Simon has also been recognized by Success Magazine as one of the Top 25 People Who Can Help You Reach Your Business and Life Goals and has spoken to over 2 million listeners in 45 countries teaching his ideas worldwide.

Today Jim and Simon discuss daily practices to stay motivated as an entrepreneur as well as a recent blog post Simon authored titled, Spark Opportunity in the New Normal” in which Simon states 5 ways to spark opportunity in the current landscape.



To learn more about Simon Bailey, watch the full interview above.

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