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25 of the best small town business ideas to get you inspired

Starting a small business can sometimes seem daunting. From developing product or service ideas to executing the business model, entrepreneurs must also find the funding, pull all the elements in place, and hope their customers appreciate what they offer.

Starting an SMB in a small town is just as challenging as starting a business anywhere else, but it also has its own set of unique opportunities. Here are 25 small town business ideas that can help you carve out your niche in the local community.

1. Hybrid Coffee Shops

With the growing trend of hybrid work culture, hybrid coffee shops are a great idea to initiate a small business as many people are turning towards the hybrid nature of working and thus can greatly utilize a hybrid coffee shop.

2. Contractor

The reason that small towns don’t have a great deal or number of contractors can give you a great profit margin if you open a small business as a contractor and take building and renovation contracts of people.

3. Home Cleaning

As most people do not have the time and energy to clean their homes after a tough and busy schedule, a home cleaning business is also an ideal option to do as a small-town business. 

4. Pet Grooming Store

People love to have pets, and having them also calls for a lot of grooming and maintenance. A pet grooming store with many different grooming facilities and accessories will automatically attract many people to the town. 

5. Antique Store

An antique store will not only help you have a successful business but will also help in keeping the spark of antique things alive. While not all, many people still love to collect antique stuff as it is unique and valuable, so this will also help you earn a lot of bucks.

6. Fitness Studio

Fitness is not only a profitable business idea but can also be counted as a gift for the people of your small town. A fitness studio is a great small-town business idea as it serves a fit and healthy population and great profits to the owner.

7. Children’s Products

Not all small towns and cities have shops or stores designated only for children. So, if you open a small business of exclusively children’s products, you will surely excel in that.

8. Ice Cream Shop

Who doesn’t like ice cream, after all? Ice cream is a great way to unwind your day and calls to be a part of every celebration. So a small ice cream shop in a small town is an amazing business idea.

9. Bookstore

Bookworms are found in every corner of the world and every town of every country. A bookstore is a great business idea and an essential and much-needed requirement for an intellectual generation. 

10. Floral Shop

Flowers hold great importance for refreshing the environment and surrounding. A floral shop is a much-underrated business idea but can hold an important place in the town.  

11. Gardening and Landscaping

Not many people are aware of and associated with gardening and landscaping as a business, which gives you a mileage of opportunity to excel in your financial capabilities in this department.

12. Nail Salon

Ladies love their nails and, similarly, love to maintain them. Nail salons are an essential part of any grooming industry now. So a nail salon is one business that can never run out of profit.

13. Clothing Boutique

Subsequently, clothes are also a compulsory part of defining anyone’s personality. The reason that clothes never go out of demand makes a clothing boutique a forever-green small-town business. 

14. Winery

Wine is crucial to any celebration or even for most corporate events. Setting up a winery in a small town is a great business idea as you won’t have much competition for your business in a small town.

15. Real Estate Agency

Talk about low competition, and you get a real estate agency as an answer. A real estate agent is bound to provide you with success, whether in a small town or a big city. 

16. Tattoo Shop

Though not many people are fond of tattoos, it is still a small-town business that won’t let you fail as it tends to still earn you a fair amount of profit share.

17. Veterinary Office

Where there are pets, there are pet issues. So a veterinary office is a must-have in a small town with pets. This business can get you many dollars and will only flourish with time.

18. Bakery

A bakery is not a special place for people with a sweet tooth but for people of all kinds and age groups. Opening a bakery in a small town is a wonderful idea with very less competition.

19. Tutoring Service

Rendering your tutoring services is another great way to offer your skills and earn a lot of money, as a small town calls for educated and helpful people to uplift others.

20. Sports Bar

For people into sports, a sports bar is nothing less than heaven and a must-have place to have in their small town. Opening a sports bar again requires little to no competition for your business.

21. Home Improvement

A home improvement service is nothing less than a blessing for people who improve and upgrade their homes. Home improvement is a unique business and a profitable one as well. 

22. Bowling Alley

Talk about a game that is all fun all the time. You guessed it right; it’s a bowling alley. Open a bowling alley shop and earn every day with people coming to refresh themselves each day.

23. Electronics Dealer

An electronics dealer is a must-have business for small towns where people constantly try to upgrade themselves. So, open an electronics dealer shop as a small town business.

24. Feminist Brands

Females are forever buying and looking for new and exclusive products. A feminist brands shop open exclusively for women is a great business idea for all types of towns.

25. Organic Cosmetics 

As women love cosmetics, they love their products to be organic and natural. So opt for an organic cosmetics shop for the best small-town business.


There are many different kinds of small town business ideas that can launch your career as an entrepreneur. Explore the ideas mentioned above and see which one is right for you.

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Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for ASBN. Over the years, her writing has been published by several Fortune 500 companies, including Dell, Haute, Audemars Piguet, and Harry Winston.

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