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10 Black-Owned Atlanta Restaurants to Visit this Black Business Month

August is National Black Business Month when the country celebrates the success of black-owned businesses. It’s a way to recognize black-owned businesses that have been improving the American economy for years. It’s also a time to encourage consumers throughout the country to support local businesses and restaurants owned by people of color. National Black Business Month is also a great time to applaud black women-owned agencies that went through immense struggles and challenges to establish themselves in different industries. 

To celebrate the power of black-owned businesses, it’s a great time to share some best black-owned food entries in Atlanta. These restaurants have worked for years to succeed in the market and gain recognition. Read on to learn about some of the best black-owned Atlanta restaurants, cafes, and food trucks.  

1. Slutty Vegan ATL 

This plant-based burger joint has been capitalizing on national fame beyond its tasty meatless burgers. The primary reason for its popularity is that its owner, Pinky Cole, works to empower the black community in Atlanta.  

She has been vocal about veganism and charitable activities. Pinky Cole has also worked to offer economic opportunities to people of color in Atlanta. Of course, it’s no secret that the menu is super delicious, and that’s why so many people line up to try the restaurant’s burgers. You can try their One Night Stand or PLT sandwich to satisfy your carvings. 

Location: 1542 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 


2. Blaxican Food 

Blaxican food was established in 2015 and is considered one of the best restaurant trucks in the US. The restaurant is the self-proclaimed ‘sole eatery’ to offer Collard Green Quesadilla. Of course, their specialty is green quesadilla, but you can also find blackened fish, buffalo chicken, BBQ sweet fries, Philly nachos, and much more.  

Since Blaxican Food prepares its menu on the truck itself, the restaurant often changes its location to facilitate different neighborhoods in Atlanta. So, if you want to taste their quesadilla, check their food truck calendar on the website.  


3. Hattie Marie’s BBQ 

Barbeque joints are a local favorite, and so is Hattie Marie’s BBQ. This restaurant aims to bring flavors of the Southeast to Georgia. Willie, the owner of Hattie Marie’s BBQ, named the restaurant after his mother to pay tribute.  

This black-owned restaurant has three branches, all of which are popular among food lovers in Atlanta. But the menu is slightly different in all three restaurants. In addition, they offer home delivery, dine-in, and takeaway services. When it comes to the menu, they offer an excellent range of bbq, meat plates, sandwiches, and seafood options. Since it’s a bbq restaurant, you should try their beef rib or pork rib to get a taste of authentic bbq flavors. 

Location:3699 Main St. College Park, GA 30337 


4. Busy Bee Café 

The Busy Bee Café is your best bet if you choose only one restaurant. Founded in 1947 by Lucy Jackson, this café is among the oldest eateries in the city. This landmark’s historical importance has helped it attract customers several decades later. And in case you needed any more reason to visit the restaurant, it’s where Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights icons were seen enjoying their meals.  

Another reason the Busy Bee has gained popularity over the years is the food itself, especially the fried chicken, which keeps improving over time. This café is also unique because it combines aspects of both modern and old aesthetics. You will also love its aesthetic ambiance and 18th-century theme. 

Location: 810 M.L.K. Jr Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30314, United States 


5. Roc Southern Cuisine 

 If you want to visit a contemporary restaurant with a modern twist in terms of ambiance, food, and everything else, then Roc Southern Cuisine should be n your list. Roc South offers a delicious menu with food options like seafood gumbo, fried chicken, fried fish, collard greens, candied yams, and black-eyed peas. Know the best part? The restaurant has maintained affordable prices so customers can continue enjoying the tasty menu without worrying about their budget. 

If you are ready to spend a little bit more on dinner, try out their classic fried lobster tail, the whole fried snapper, or lamb chop entrée. While there’s quite an extensive menu to choose from, you can’t afford to miss out on their tasty mac n cheese.  

Location:3009 Buford Hwy NE Brookhaven, GA 30329 


6. Local Green Atlanta 

Local Green Atlanta was founded to offer wholesome food varieties to the people of Atlanta. With a nutritious and affordable menu, you can try out a variety of dishes without breaking the bank. If your primary concern is to get healthy options, you won’t regret stopping at this restaurant for lunch.   

And just because it’s nutritious doesn’t mean it’s bland. 

In fact, Local Green Atlanta makes sure to never compromise on taste. It makes sure to provide mouthwatering food options that you can’t find anywhere. You can also choose from healthy drinks and dessert items. And you don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast or health-conscious eater to try out the food. If you’re a curious foodie who likes trying new things, the restaurant will definitely have something for you.  

Location: 19 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30314 


7. Ms. Icey’s Kitchen & Bar 

 Are you in the mood for brunch? In that case, visit Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar, a black-owned restaurant, for a refreshing experience. But before you plan a visit, keep in mind that the restaurant stays closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. But other than that, the menu is absolutely marvelous, allowing you to try some authentic dishes. The restaurant describes its menu as contemporary urban food that is influenced by Caribbean, Southern, and Cajun. 

Since they have a long menu list, you can surely find something that suits your taste buds. Some of their best dishes are Sweet Potato Waffle, the Bodega Breakfast Sandwich, eggplant, Grandma’s Oxtails, and Nene’s Etouffee. You can also try out their refreshing drinks menu to beat the afternoon heat. 

Location: 1371 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, GA 30033, United States 


8. Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar 

 No restaurant in Atlanta represents the Gullah Geechee culture as good as Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar. They serve authentic cultural dishes that you can’t find anywhere. Also, there are lots of rice options and signature cocktails on the menu.  

They have a separate brunch menu, so you can visit the restaurant around brunch if you want to grab a quick bite to eat with your friends. You will see cocktails, snacks like French toast sticks, plates like Poke Chop N’ Eggs, desserts, baskets, and much more on the menu. Don’t forget to try their seafood pasta salad, deviled crab, and no meat plate. 

Location: 3721 Main ST College Park, GA 30337 


9. Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours 

There are plenty of things about Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours that the customers love. This is a west midtown eatery offering soulful dishes. Though they have a straightforward dinner menu, the flavors are lip-smacking. You can find southern staples like Southern Marinated Fried Chicken, Fried Green Tomatoes, and candied bacon.  

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, save room for a tasty dessert. Some of the best sweet treats include Banoffee Cream Pudding, Crème Brulee Cheesecake, and Bourbon Peach Cobbler. Note that this restaurant doesn’t serve on Monday and Tuesday and has different timings for each day. So, make sure to check their opening and closing timings before you visit.  

Location: Apex West Midtown 1133 Huff Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30318   


10. Fin & Feathers 

The last restaurant on our list is a relatively new eatery that has only just established itself in different locations across Atlanta. The restaurant has a contemporary ambiance and beautiful furniture, perfect for taking some memorable pictures.  

Fin & Feather is popular for providing the beauty of dishes that represent modern taste and authentic flavors. The menu is divided into categories like starters, entrees, sandwiches, and more. If you have to choose one dish, then try out the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, which is a menu special and customer favorite. They also have an impressive range of healthy salads for people who prefer healthier options. 

Location: 360 Edgewood Ave SE. Atlanta, GA 


Bottom Line 

If you want to recognize black-owned businesses during National Black Business Month, there are plenty of places to choose. Thanks to countless movements, people of color in America are getting opportunities to make their way into the most popular industries. Black-owned businesses are growing and expanding over time, and with the help of residents of Atlanta, they can soon start to establish branches beyond the state.

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Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene
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