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Survey reveals how small businesses can meet Gen Z and Millennial expectations

According to two GoDaddy polls, small businesses are missing out on potential clients because they don’t provide the convenience that Gen Z and Millennials demand.

Out of 1,000 business owners who participated in the surveys, 91% believed they provided a convenient online experience for their customers. However, only 21% of consumers and 19% of Gen Z agreed.

Small businesses have identified Gen Z and Millennials as their primary target consumers, but their current business practices tend to favor older generations. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs still have a chance to appeal to younger customers. The GoDaddy survey demonstrates that 73% of Gen Z and 75% of Millennials would shop at small businesses more if they offered the same convenience as larger chain stores.

These are the convenience categories that 1,000 American customers deemed most important, along with an analysis of how small businesses perform:
  • “Buy Online, Pickup In-Store” is a feature that 73% of Gen Z and 83% of Millennials find vital, but only 34% of small businesses provide.
  • While 27% of small businesses don’t accept digital wallet payments, 85% of Gen Z and 82% of Millennials believe companies need to accept contactless payments.
  • Small businesses need to offer free delivery to keep up with customer expectations. In fact, 90% of customers feel that small businesses should provide free delivery. However, only 2 out of 5 small enterprises do, while 38% don’t offer it at all. 
  • Regarding purchasing, it’s essential for Gen Z and Millennials that they can make purchases directly from a company’s website. 55% of Gen Z and 61% of Millennials agree, yet only 28% of small businesses have an online store. 
  • Finally, the human story behind a business is also essential. 65% of customers say they would be more likely to purchase if they knew the story of the business. However, one in five small businesses don’t include their story. 

“To keep clients, small businesses need to put convenience first, according to Amy Jennette of GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers features that are both current and convenient at a fair price. Small businesses need to adapt to the evolving preferences of Gen Z and Millennials. While 91% of companies understand how important it is to stay current with technology, they still find it challenging to satisfy demanding customers. 

In 2024, small firms should strive to operate smarter and rely more on technology to suit these consumer desires. GoDaddy offers websites and domains, AI-powered marketing tools, and easy ways to make online and offline safe payments to assist business owners in growing their online presence. 

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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