Hilton unveils ‘Hilton for Business’ to streamline travel for SMBs

"Hilton for Business" was launched to alleviate the common pain points in business travel and simplify the process for SMBs.

Hilton has recently unveiled “Hilton for Business,” a digital program tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This initiative aims to address common challenges in business travel by offering streamlined travel management, discounts, and loyalty rewards through the Hilton Honors program.

Business travel, especially for SMBs, often involves navigating various challenges, including finding cost-effective accommodations, managing travel bookings efficiently, tracking expenses, and ensuring traveler comfort and safety.

SMBs typically handle these tasks in-house, a trend supported by Hilton’s data, which shows that 75% of their SMB customers manage their travel arrangements internally. Furthermore, Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report highlights that 80% of global travelers prefer the convenience of booking their trips online.

Chris Silcock, President of Global Brands and Commercial Services at Hilton, stated in a press release that “Hilton for Business” was launched to alleviate these common pain points in business travel for SMBs, simplifying the process from booking to billing.

The program offers several key features:

  1. Discounts: SMBs registering for the program gain access to special rates across Hilton’s global portfolio of nearly 7,400 properties. These discounted rates are available on the Hilton website and through the Hilton Honors app, catering to the preference for online booking.
  2. Travel Rewards: Participating companies earn Hilton Honors Bonus Points, with 7,500 points awarded after the first stay and more points accumulated for every ten nights stayed. These points are an incentive for businesses and can be distributed among employees. Individual travelers also accrue personal Hilton Honors Points and benefits with each stay.
  3. Efficient Onboarding: The program offers a streamlined registration process for business owners or travel administrators, integrated with Hilton Honors accounts. This system simplifies booking and managing travel, addressing the need for efficient travel arrangement tools.
  4. Comprehensive Program Management: Businesses can easily manage bookings, delegate administrative tasks, add employees, and track travel expenses and benefits. This feature is particularly beneficial for SMBs looking to maintain control over travel expenditures and administrative efficiency.

“Hilton for Business” seeks to provide SMBs with a more efficient, rewarding, and cost-effective business travel experience. For more information or to register, SMBs can visit Hilton.com/HiltonforBusiness.

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