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10 Strategies to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

Your ability to thrive in a new sales position often hinges upon how quickly you can overcome call reluctance. Fortunately, accomplished sales representatives have proven strategies to engage in outbound calling with confidence. From perfecting your elevator pitch to setting realistic goals, there are many steps you can take to bolster your success on the phone. Below are 10 tips to help you overcome call reluctance.

  1. Remember that speed is your secret weapon.

    Imagine that your telephone is a swimming pool at the beginning of the summer season. You can proceed in one of two ways: you can waste time staring at your phone and worrying about jumping in, or you can dive right in and start making calls without giving yourself time to worry. Here are a few ways to dive into your outbound calls as soon as you begin your day:
    • Program your auto-dialer to start making calls as soon as your workday officially begins
    • Allow yourself a refill on your coffee only after you complete a specified number of morning calls
    • Reward yourself for completing a specified number of calls during the first 30 minutes of each day

  2. Use a talk track to make sure you are prepared.

     Talk tracks offer two key benefits: they build a sense of security in sales reps who use them, and they serve as a valuable sales training tool. Ideally, sales representatives should avoid reading a script word-for-word and quickly evolve to the point that they use their talk tracks as a fallback plan in case key content is forgotten.


    sales call track
  3. Perfect your elevator pitch.

    It is often easier to dive right into your calls if you have a great elevator pitch that you know by heart. As you perfect your elevator pitch, try to follow these tips:
    • Make sure your pitch is clear and concise
    • Give specific examples of the ways your product has benefited customers
    • Tell customers exactly how your product will help them save time and money

  4. Make sure you are never mistaken for a robot.

    Remembering your elevator pitch and knowing every selling point of your key products will not automatically make people buy your products or services. You must remember to combine your product knowledge with an upbeat, conversational tone as you interact with customers.

  5. Post visual reminders of your past successes.

    One of the best ways to excel in the outbound calling industry is to place reminders of your most notable accomplishments right next to your phone. Here are a few helpful tips:
    • Keep a framed copy of your first sales order and your best sales order on the wall for easy viewing
    • Post three of your most positive customer comments nearby for easy viewing
    • Hang any certificates or awards in a highly visible location

  6. Set realistic goals.

    Setting overly aggressive goals can make you feel like a failure if you are unable to reach them. Start by setting small, attainable goals, which will help build your self-confidence and set the stage for more challenging goals.

  7. Maintain a positive attitude.

    Sales representatives with an optimistic approach typically are more successful than sales reps with a glass-half-empty mentality. Here are a few ways to maintain a positive attitude:
    • Smile more often! Research shows that smiling can prompt your brain to produce positive patterns
    • Offer words of encouragement to your colleagues as they complete their calls
    • Commit to maintaining a positive attitude with customers and co-workers

  8. Celebrate your accomplishments.

    Reward yourself as you attain each of your goals. Whether you treat yourself to a short massage session or lunch at your favorite restaurant, you can keep yourself motivated by celebrating your recent successes.

  9. Practice relaxation techniques.

    There are many ways to relax before you begin making your outbound calls for the day. Whether you prefer the serenity of meditation or the release of endorphins that accompanies a short morning jog, your chances of success on the phone will be optimized if you are relaxed.

  10. Recognize that there is always room for improvement.

    Even the most accomplished sales representatives can continue to build upon their successes. Take advantage of sales training opportunities and ask your manager for constructive feedback to help you further perfect your outbound calling skills.

The Bottom Line

The path to sales success is paved with stepping stones that will help you improve your outbound calling skills. By following the strategies above, you can bolster your confidence and overcome call reluctance. The results are a broader customer base and stronger sales.

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