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3 Powerful New Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Are you a business owner attempting to grow your customer base via social media marketing? Are you using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, yet find yourself wondering if you could be doing more to increase your social media marketing ROI? Instead of relying on the same social media tricks every other business owner is using, you might need to kick your audience outreach tactics up a notch by incorporating new social networking tools into your customer acquisition strategy. Review the following three under-the-radar social media tools to see which of these up-and-comers can kick your networking skills into the stratosphere.

Anchor Video

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If you’re already using Anchor to dip your marketing toes in the podcasting waters, you’ll love discovering Anchor Videos. Now instead of broadcasting only audio content, you can convert your broadcasts into video format. Anchor Videos offers instant voice transcription that allows you to convert your audio broadcasts into social media-ready videos. If you want to turbocharge your social media ROI, this is one customer outreach tool you need to add to your arsenal of brand-building resources.



Popsters is another excellent social media tool brand managers can use to increase the efficiency of their online marketing. Popsters offers a social media comparison interface that makes it easy to analyze posts for audience engagement. Determine the best length for your social media posts, monitor performance, check statistics for individual posts, review hashtag data, and compare social interactions for a variety of companies. You can even use Popsters to create your own custom social media reports. (

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Brand Grader

social media - brand graderAvailable from the fine folks at Mention, Brand Grader lets marketers monitor their own reputation online or review the reputation of their competitors. Simply add the brand name you want monitored, enter your email address, and Brand Grader will email you a complete statistical report. Review sentiment analysis, understand influencer chat regarding your brand, and learn how to improve your brand’s online reputation. If you’re attempting to build an online brand, Mention’s Brand Grader needs to be added to your marketer’s bag-of-tricks. (


Maintaining an awareness of new social media tools is absolutely critical if you want to increase your marketing ROI. These three resources are but a small sampling of new social outreach tools available to today’s brand builders. Will you be testing out any of these up-and-coming social networking tools to help your business continue to grow?

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