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7 Ways to Leverage Existing Customers for More Sales

In the world of sales, it seems that more and more companies are willing to find more leads rather than keeping their current customer base. They’re all wanting to increase sales of their small businesses, so they believe that getting new customers will make up for that. This isn’t seen as a smart or effective sales approach.

Small business sales personnel focus more on newer clientele, so much so that they neglect their current greatest asset – their current buyers. Current buyers are arguably the best way for companies to increase their sales without having to increase too much in terms of money. Businesses have already created relationships with their current consumers, so why not use it to both their benefits?

It seems quite simple and easy, right? Sadly, it’s not.

In situations where companies are looking towards their current clientele for business, it’s because they’ve reached an impasse with their sales or they’re looking to expand their business. Most sales personnel will have clients that they have not interacted with for some time. In the small business industry, referrals are a huge part of gaining new clientele. So, if these smaller businesses let their original customers get out of contact, it might prove to be difficult to engage them again.

Small businesses, regardless of the industry, should strive to keep all their clientele in communication to keep their relationship alive. Lucky for you, there are several ways that you can do that. Below there are seven of the most effective ways to communicate or re-engage with your existing clientele. You’ll be crushing your sales goal and finding new businesses in no time through these sales tips.

Sales Tips To Leverage Sales

  1. Request Feedback from Your Customers.
    There will never come a time where you will know every single thing that your consumer base thinks and feels. So, all you can do is routinely ask them for feedback to make informed decisions. However, asking for feedback from their customers can offer them another view on the industry. Consumers can be asked anything from general questions to more thoughtful and specific questions. No matter what responses you get, you’ll strengthen your relationship with your customer.
  2. Call with a Reason in Mind.
    In this modern world, everyone is busy. So, don’t waste their time, or yours, by calling them without any purpose. If there are any special deals or new products being offered that you think your customers would appreciate the heads-up – that’s the perfect time to call and reconnect.
  3. Ask for Introductions and Referrals.
    Asking your consumers for introductions and referrals is an excellent way to re-engage with them, especially ones that you haven’t connected to in awhile. Depending on your industry, consumers might not be willing to continually make a purchase. However, they might have contacts that they know who are in the market for your products. So, as a result of the communication, you might even get some new leads.
  4. Take Them Out for a Meal or Drink.
    Everyone must take a break to get a meal or a drink. So, why not combine the need to eat and wish to connect with your loyal buyers. You can even choose to invite them to the storefronts or a rented place to catch up.
  5. Invite them to Private Events.
    Inviting your top customers and prospects to an event twice a year is an excellent way to connect with your customer base, while also finding new clientele. You can make the event at the storefront/rented area and have it invitation only, with each invited individual able to bring a guest of their choice. Invites to these sorts of events will be great to follow up sales with.
  6. Send them an Occasional Card.
    Though everyone, and everything, is online now, people still appreciate the little things, like getting a card in the mail. With social media, it’s never been easier to remember birthdays or special occasions. A quick card in the mail can go a long way with your customers. With loyal buyers of the brand, you could send your industry related ‘birthday’ cards to make it special for your consumers.

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  7. Drop them an Email or Note.
    Sometimes the simplest actions can have the greatest results. So, instead of the usual phone call or email to connect with your customers, sales personnel can choose to be a bit more creative and customize their communication techniques to manage their existing customers. It could be as simple as sending them a book or an article that you think they would like.

Listed above are the seven ways to leverage your customer base. They are sure to help you get back into contact with your original clientele, and bring them back to the dealership for more business. So, how will you use your current clientele to raise your sales?

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Teresa Jenkins
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