Small BusinessEntrepreneurshipThis entrepreneur is infusing a 'Mini-Mexico' flavor into his Texan ice cream

This entrepreneur is infusing a ‘Mini-Mexico’ flavor into his Texan ice cream

The business we’re featuring today was truly inspired by Mexican ice cream. Victor Garcia, Co-founder of SolDias, went on a quest to spread his Mexican culture through ice cream, and now has opened 5 shops across Texas. Victor joins us on today’s Small Business Show to discuss his journey with SolDias and becoming an entrepreneur.

Growing up in Mexico and later Los Angeles, Victor Garcia experienced a vibrant culture. There were Mexican drinks, foods, and flavors on every block. He had a hard time envisioning a location where this wasn’t true. Yet for Garcia, that was the situation when his family relocated to Texas. Therefore, the Garcias’ mission became to introduce Americans to this vivacious experience. 
To promote their regional cuisine, they went all in 1998 and launched the first paleteria* in Waco, Texas. Since then, they have grown to include Dallas-Fort Worth. According to Garcia, “paleteria is the name of our concept. So, think of a scoop shop plus many more delicious treats and snacks like churros, aguas frescas, mangonadas, and elotes.”
Entrepreneurship is the name of the game 

"I read once, progress depends on an unreasonable man" — Victor Garcia
Garcia wants to show that, despite the fierce competition in the ice cream market, which includes brands like Ben and Jerry’s and Baskin-Robbins, finding the proper combination of ingredients and flavors was the toughest obstacle. 
The goal of opening a store as a “mini-Mexico” was to make customers happy. Bringing the vivid culture to the citizens of Texas, such as their best-selling Mangonada or Tequila milk-based flavors, helps the brand stand out. In addition, the company’s online store sells chocolates, spicy Mexican candies, and gummies. It has helped the store with profits, consistency, and wholesale.
Moreover, Garcia has set up five shops in central and eastern Texas. These locations will help the potential franchise’s future growth. Garcia advises aspiring entrepreneurs or startup owners that “you can do a lot more than you believe you’re capable of.”He adds, “You see the underdog stories every day, so just jump right in, you can do it. “ 

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