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Is WordPress the Best CMS? Three Alternatives to Consider

There is a lot of hype about WordPress and how beneficial it is for your website. Just Google it and you will see how many advocates there are. But, is WordPress really the best CMS there is?

There are several content management systems (CMS) available and you should have an understanding of their features and pros and cons. Check the facts on several CMS options before joining the WordPress bandwagon.



  • Easy for you to design, control and improve your website
  • Includes a built-in blog to attract visitors
  • Easy to customize with plugins
  • Plugins allow your content to be shared readily on social media


  • Free plugins may not be as reliable as purchased ones
  • To modify graphics, you need to know CSS and HTML, which is a challenge for amateurs



Joomla has been in existence for a very long time and is a good option if you have some CMS experience.


  • You can download, use and upgrade Joomla free of charge
  • Secure and compatible with nearly all browsers
  • Good technical support available
  • Thousands of free plugins available
  • Well built-in URLs that help with SEO ranking


  • Difficult for amateurs to set up
  • Most of the good plugins come at a cost
  • With many customization options, amateurs can be overwhelmed



Drupal is a comprehensive CMS that uses an Open Source.


  • Includes many functionalities as it is an advanced CMS that contains graphics
  • You can manage many content types including text, statistics, blogs, podcasts and videos
  • An Open Source with thousands of themes for you to use or create your own
  • Excellent technical support including discussion boards, chats, etc.


  • It requires advanced knowledge to install
  • Installations and modifications are time-consuming

CMS - Drupal


TYPO3 is ideally suited to very large international organizations. It is another CMS geared towards complex websites specifically for Intranet and Extranet.


  • It is known for its modularity and diversity, making it ideal for news agencies
  • It is an expanded CMS with a multi-lingual function
  • It allows companies to alter text and other documents
  • It allows you to easily edit images


  • The learning process is longer than other CMS
  • It is not easy to install
  • There are great demands on server parameters to accommodate modularity and diversity


Choose a CMS that works well with your type of business. Look at what your competitors are using– if their websites are drawing in a crowd (and they have a high conversion rate), consider using the same platform.

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