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Why predictable recruiting is key to making successful business decisions

Atlanta native, Josh McAfee, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor joins Ted Jenkin, host and small business expert on this episode of the Roadmap. An ASBN exclusive created to educate entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders across the nation to aid in scaling and monetizing their businesses. When it comes to the recruiting market and what HumansDoing has done under the direction of McAfee, his goal is to assist people in making informed hiring and career decisions. 

However, in order to achieve that goal, HumansDoing puts a lot of effort into thoroughly comprehending the distinctive combination of skills, needs, objectives, and potential of clients and job seekers to ensure that the candidate matches with the right company. 

S.A.A.S.  vs. R.A.A.S.

When it comes to recruiting, McAfee notes, “A phone call is a step in the process. It’s not the end all be all.” He adds, “It’s a tool to get people out for coffee.” it’s important to mention that human connections like text messaging, and emails, are easy. But, social media and LinkedIn are When true connections are made, for instance, McAfee says, “You’re able to add value whether that be in-person or via prospective branding.” 

On the other hand, McAfee outlines the primary distinctions between using software as a solution and using recruiting as a solution. According to him, “purchasing a licensed piece of software for a group’s use often takes place. It constitutes a recurring revenue strategy for the selling or use of a business.” Adding, “Investors prefer it because it is predictable.” HumansDoing Recruiting, on the other hand, emphasizes the customary financial ambiguity, unforeseen costs, and frustrated expenses that don’t happen because of the framework of its agency. 

Additionally, McAfee contends that proprietors of service businesses should be able to demonstrate predictability and recurring revenue. Instead of operating like a traditional recruiting firm with a steady stream of various clients, you should establish yourself as a more reliable and predictable agency. “With us, our business is looked at and our data shows great success from our renewing clients,” asserts McAfee. 

In the end, having predictable recruiting provides value and enables businesses to decide intelligently since costs are taken into account. While McAfee also advises recruiting members to inquire candidates about their performance metrics by asking: how do you define success? By asking this critical question during the interview process, you can establish clear and precise communication standards rather than hiring them and they walk through the door misaligned.

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