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Why this serial entrepreneur is hyper focused on being the best of the best — Jeff Jahn | Dynamix

Welcome to the Roadmap, an ASBN all-exclusive resource designed to educate CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders on the value of growing and monetizing their businesses every week. On today’s episode, host Ted Jenkin is joined by Jeff Jahn, the CEO of Dynamix, to discuss his journey. 

"When it comes to websites, Jeff knows."- Ted Jenkins

Like many big dreams, Dynamix started in a dorm room. Jahn launched formally known as Octane in 2005 as a sophomore in college. While Jahn was a “Poor College” student, he had years of experience from when he constructed his first computer with his father at nine to when he established his first “Pseudo Company” at 14. After that, several companies would contact him to fix software and build companies, resulting in Jahn defining his mantra- Do it right or don’t do it. 

“You can’t be great if you’re an everything for everybody.” During the 2005 launch, many companies tried to be everything for everybody, but Jahn and his team were hyper-focused on being the best of the best. They concentrated on businesses that genuinely wanted to provide excellent customer service, share a narrative, and engage with customers in a way they couldn’t get anywhere else. 

Pricing Strategy

Furthermore, once Jahn began his service, his pricing started at $2,350 and experimented outwards. The reason being, “We wanted to make sure our practices aligned, so we needed to ask ourselves: how do we take on the few amounts of people, but serve them the best,” asserts Jahn. He continues, “For us, it was never really about the money, but about the alignment.” Jahn notes how he turned down 85% of people who wanted to utilize his services. “The reason being the dollar amount is a minimal part of it. Generally, it has to do with whether the companies align with our values or if they have a good review, ” Jahn emphasizes.

Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, when the ChatGPT AI began rolling out, Jahn and his team utilized it. The usage of advanced technology aided in the development of more profound company dives. To illustrate, Jahn explains, “Every website we’ve ever done now is integrated with Octane AI, which is just like ChatGPT, but we have already programmed it to have more information about the company.” He continues, “It’s just a way to narrow down consumer searches with more company based identify answers.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
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