How Renato Ritter transformed the real estate industry

In a captivating episode of The Roadmap, host Lee Heisman delves into the extraordinary journey of Renato Ritter, the visionary founder and CEO of Quick Claim USA. Ritter’s path, from a gondola operator in San Diego to spearheading a groundbreaking real estate service in Las Vegas, is a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess and his uncanny knack for identifying unmet market needs. With a diverse professional background encompassing architecture, real estate, mortgage lending, and title and escrow services, Ritter has transformed unforeseen opportunities into a thriving business that is deeply committed to safeguarding clients’ property interests.

Key Takeaways 

1. Renato Ritter’s journey to founding Quick Claim USA was built on a rich professional background, including experience in architecture, real estate, mortgage lending, and title and escrow services. Each role gave him the skills and knowledge necessary to address complex property-related issues.

2. Ritter’s entrepreneurial spirit, a defining trait from his early years, is a driving force behind his success. His first venture, operating gondolas in San Diego, is a testament to his willingness to explore unique business ideas. This adaptability was pivotal when he transitioned across various industries and eventually founded Quick Claim USA, a move that was a direct response to market demands.

3. Quick Claim USA was born out of a clear market need. As a notary, Ritter frequently encountered clients needing assistance adding or removing names from property titles. Recognizing the gap in the market for such services, he seized the opportunity to establish a business that addressed these specific needs.

4. The economic downturn and regulatory changes in the mortgage industry significantly influenced Ritter’s career path. These changes prompted him to return to title and escrow work, where he further honed his expertise. The advent of e-signatures and electronic notary services also impacted how Quick Claim USA operates, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Quick Claim USA’s guiding principle, ‘We do good deeds,’ clearly reflects the company’s commitment to providing excellent service and making a positive impact on the community. Ritter’s focus on understanding clients’ needs and offering solutions that protect their properties is a cornerstone of the company’s operations. His belief in seizing opportunities and making a difference is a personal philosophy and a driving force behind the company’s mission.

"When an opportunity knocks on your door, jump in," says Ritter. "In my life, there's been many opportunities that have come my way. We should all find a way to heal the world and make a difference in our community." – Renato Ritter