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How founder Angela Gennari built one of the top staffing agencies in the southeast

The Roadmap is an ASBN exclusive created to educate entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders together to explain the significance of monetizing and eventually scale their business.  On today’s episode, host Lee Heisman speaks with Angela Gennari, founder, and CEO of Titan Global Enterprise, about her hospitality staffing business and entrepreneurial journey. 

With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Titan Global Enterprises is a renowned event management and hospitality staffing business. They pride themselves on Hiring, managing, and training a team of professionals who constantly carry out their responsibilities with the most exceptional levels of professionalism, pride, respect, and integrity—the core values—helping them realize their aim of being a leading staffing firm.

Titan employs around 300 workers who can be cross-trained for the company’s various roles. Gennari emphasizes, “We provide our employees the opportunity to work. Many people value how it deepens and broadens their understanding of their profession. In addition, Gennari claims that if you reside in Georgia, you may have observed members of the Titan team at work for customers like The University of Georgia, State Farm Arena, South Gas District, Piedmont Park and Services, the Atlanta Open, and many more.


The significance of Gennari’s brand serves as the foundation for most of her successes. “Branding is important,” she claims, “because I want people to identify with their job role and the company as a whole.” She refers to her workers as Titans because they are more than just staff, security, or guards. She indicates, “It gives them that ownership of the company itself.” As a result, everything inside the enterprise is branded. For example, Titians who attend events wearing black shirts are identified as security or supervisor; therefore, if you have a security question, that’s the individual you can approach. The red colored shirt is designed for events staff. 

“Being a women-owned business, to me, signifies that we’re doing something quite different.”

However, it’s imperative to note that Titian Global Enterprises is a women-owned business. Gennari explains, “There are very few of us in the security industry, so we manage differently than our male counterparts. For example, I have a podcast that focuses on women interpreting business differently- it’s not better nor worse, it’s just different.” She further explains that women tend to bring empathy to the forefront, making their employees feel like family. It is essential for everyone involved to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Ultimately, Females are expected to present differently than men. Therefore, as Gennari grows her business, she must consider the bench, or the people behind her. She says, “This is the first business I’ve had where I have a team of people behind me, so I have to feel confident about training them in every area of operation; they’ll need to do everything almost by themself.”  She adds, “if any other entrepreneur is finding themself in the same predicament, then just do it. do it scared because if you feel 100% confident, then you’ve waited too long.” 

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Lee Heisman
Lee Heisman
Lee Heisman is a x9 entrepreneur, renowned speaker, and elite business coach from Atlanta, Georgia.

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