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How 3 Moms Organics is paving the way for natural, outdoor safety measures

Welcome to another episode of The Female Founder with Bridget Fitzpatrick, Co-founder of ASBN and the CBT Automotive Network. The Female Founder is a show dedicated to helping women grow their businesses and reach their full potential. This show is designed to inspire and motivate other female founders to be the best entrepreneurs they can be. Each episode highlights inspiring stories and advice from female entrepreneurs to help you build and grow your business.

Today’s guests are entrepreneurs Lisa-Jae Eggert and Kammy Wolf of women-owned small business: 3 Moms Organics. These women are dedicated to protecting family and pets when spending time outdoors. 

Getting Started

Eggert emphasizes how important working outside means to her. She went to school for landscaping design, and she’s a naturalist who worked for the Bronx Zoo, where she was involved in habitat research. Through her experiences, Eggert was educated on the dangers of ticks and tick bites. Over the years of her outdoor work, she was exposed to the severity of ticks when she went through Lyme disease, which creates brain fog and difficulties with neurological locomotor skills like brushing teeth and turning off sinks. 

Afraid to go outside and use products containing harsh chemicals, Eggert wanted to find a natural way to protect herself and her kids against ticks better. So, she went to her kitchen, brought her friend in, did the research, and found the best possible solution. That’s when 3 Mom Organic was born.


Like any small business startup, the beginning stages are always the toughest. In the company’s first year, they were flagged by the EPA for taking its natural repellent straight to the market. Under the EPA guidelines, anything that mediates as a repellent for insects is considered a pesticide. Therefore, it must be registered with the EPA or follow all EPA guidelines in every state. Wolf expresses, “Each state has various requirements like efficacy data and safety data sheets.”


Eggert encourages anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur, “You just need to take what you’re passionate about and what’s in your heart and just keep going.” She was discussing with Wolf how she never thought she was going to fail, she just knew this was her personal experience that brought a great amount of passion to her that when she was faced with hesitation and obstacles, she just kept moving forward. 

"You will always do well if you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you." — Lisa-Jae Eggert

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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