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How VR Company Futurus is Leading the Way for Immersive Technology in Georgia – Annie Eaton, CEO

ASBN was on-location recently at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Series: Atlanta, where we had the opportunity to speak to several of Atlanta’s thriving entrepreneurs like Annie Eaton, Co-Founder, and CEO of Futurus. Futurus occupies a unique space in tech by working with virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

As a woman and veteran-owned business, Annie says that the company’s main focus is on the future and emerging technology, branding themselves to evolve and adapt as quickly as technology changes. Futurus serves as a software development and consulting company for other businesses, working in virtual and augmented reality, micro-location enabled devices, and they have begun to get involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning space.

FuturusWith currently 10 full time employees and between four and six contractors, they mostly work with large enterprises, which Annie says is one of the things that allowed them to grow their business without any outside funding, in addition to their strategic approach of finding talent who will not just accomplish their projects but who will also help them to grow their business.

Annie tells ASBN that it was while working at a previous organization that she met her co-founder Peter Stolmeier, CTO of Futurus. One day Peter brought in a VR headset and Annie says that at the time she didn’t know that technology like that existed. When approaching their boss at that time with the idea to roll with that technology internally, they were turned away, causing Annie and Peter to decide to branch off on their own and begin Futurus.

When asked about the future of the company Annie says that the very nature of her industry and her company is that the future is very unknown, leaving the business to adapt to the ever-changing nature of technology. However, Annie says that she still hopes that the company may begin to develop more specialized departments, perhaps one for artificial intelligence or for virtual reality. But she says despite the fact that they have been approached by a few acquisition companies Annie has no plans to give up her company any time soon.

To hear more about Annie and the founding of Futurus check out the full interview above.

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